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  1. '08 Desktops

  2. '08 Desktops

  3. '08 Desktops

  4. '08 Desktops

  5. Stacks Docklet

    works perfectly fine with windows vista.
  6. April '08 Desktops

  7. Private Message Spam

    i got it too but i don't know how to report PM's....
  8. February '08 Desktops

  9. December '07 Desktops

  10. November '07 Desktops

    Thanks a lot! I did search but I couldn't find any... well thanks anyways.
  11. November '07 Desktops

  12. November '07 Desktops

    what program do you all use for your screenshot preview thing?
  13. AveDesk 2 beta/AveTunes

    ah got it. thanks a lot
  14. AveDesk 2 beta/AveTunes

    I'm a noob at these things and I apologize but i just downloaded the avedesk 2 beta and i'm not quite sure how i download things and put up widgets. i also downloaded the new avetunes but i don't know how to install it because it's in avetunes.aveinst file... please help me...
  15. AveTunes 3

    hello... sorry i'm a noob at these kind of things... i don't know how to install avetunes.... i don't even know how to use avedesk 2 beta... can anyone please help me?