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  1. Avedesk Hints & Tips

    Is there any option for ave to load my theme when I start XP? i have to load it manually every single time
  2. August '06 Desktops

    Does that weather "widget" exists for Avedesk??? the white one on the bottom corner on the left BTW, here's mine, nothing special, yet
  3. Use the Restore System, search in google on how to run it with the New Task window, i had the same problem a few days ago and i fixed like that
  4. Thanks now it's working, i guess i'll have to find a way to complete at least the artist, title and album ID3 tag. Does anybody know any software that searches artist title and album automatically How does it feel to know that i googled just to find a way to toalk to you ???
  5. Thanks now its working, but not 100% Now it's searching and changing the covers, but uses the same for the all band, and i now that 2 different files are from different albums. And another thing i don't want to download them into my mp3 folder i want to use the Covers folder, how do i change that?
  6. Thanks for responding so fast but it didn't work. This is what happens. Start Winamp, searches for the first cover and then the all playlist sticks with the same cover
  7. Hi, I'm new and I'm from Argentina so excuse my english. First of all excellent app, but I'm having a problem, I use the option to search automatically in amazon.com, but the thing is that once a cover is downloaded the software uses the same cover for every mp3 of that specific band, it doesn't change on every mp3. I don't use ID3 tags. I have all the files in the same folder named like this "Artist - Title.mp3" How can I solve this???