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  1. Jumpy Mouse in Flyakite OS X

    You know, I got myself a new mouse, slowed down the speed in the preferences diaglog, and don't seem to be having much of a problem. Really digging Flyakite!
  2. History Of Aqua - Discuss

    Thanks Duckie. Just discovered aquasoft the other day. Typed "Mac on Windows machine" into google (or something like that), and discovered an entrie community of creative people. Thanks for a very interesting history lesson. I hope you'll continue with the history project and pick up with your story where you left off. It ends on a real cliffhanger!
  3. Jumpy Mouse in Flyakite OS X

    Hi Everyone, I just discovered Flyatkite OS X. Like it a lot. One problem though: the mouse movement is pretty jumpy. I have trouble acheiving any kind of accuracy of movement. This goes for the touchpad, as well as three different mice I've tried. On Linux and XP on this same machine, I get much smoother mouse movement. I've tried adjusting the properties in Flyakite OS X, and that helped a bit, but I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue (?) Thanks, Ben