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  1. Avedesk Hints & Tips

    how can i do shortcut to showcase? for example , open showcase from rklauncher ... thanx
  2. I need this wallpaper

    YOUTUBE Please....................
  3. Opera help

    I need this theme , camino looks great!!
  4. link : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=17233 put here >> c:documents and settings username Application Data Utorrent. 5 objets 1 toolbar (toolbar.bmp) 2 status icons (tstatus.bmp) 3 tabs (tabs.bmp) clear tabs > options > icons on tabs 4 tray icon (tray.ico) 5 main windows icon (main.ico)
  5. AveScripter 1.0.7

    the link its broken , i need avescript 1.0.7 pleasse Thanksss yeah yeah today the link its Ok
  6. TB Calendar for AveScripter

    i can`t download the latest version of avescript 1.0.7 ........ "http://avedesk.philc.ca/modules/PDdo...p?cid=5&lid=31" send error "XOOPS path check: Script is not inside XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and cannot run" Please....
  7. How to display buddy's name on the top and not my name?