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  1. Where To Find This Calendar Gadget

    I already found it by now, but thanks anyway
  2. I am looking for this Calendar gadget for vista sidebar Is different from the "dark calendar gadget" by having a Dark calendar surface (where the numbers are) Anyone know where I can find this plz I am unsure if i post in right place, i am not here often and are in a hurry hope someone can help
  3. Where to find G5 Samurize widget ?

    Can you make it for Avedesk? or Windows vista sidebar? it can always be made a bit smaler (or possiblitiy to resize it) as long as it look exact the same
  4. Where to find G5 Samurize widget ?

    Unfortunaly i dont have knowledge of recreating it so thats not a possibility i dont even use photoshop
  5. I need some Silver/Metal icons

    Yea is Hot weather from Ave desk is impressive isn'it as of recycle bin i would prefer it shiny but if not then metal i even found a 512X512 bin but it still get smale on the desktop since Avedesk dont have a Recycle bin (to empy the bin) i have to put it on the desktop itself I dont know why bin get so smale seem that vista use a .dll file for their big icons
  6. Where to find G5 Samurize widget ?

    I never used samurize but i was considering using it on my vista just because of this widget As usual when i realy find something i like a lot the creator has had a hardisk crash etc... and lost the file Someone must have the G5 widget somewhere? and if not maybe Waski that made his own version of it have: Or does this widget or similar exist for other programs like Avedesk , windows sidebar or yahoo widgets? I am also looking for Silver/metal looking widgets and sidebar gadgets silver/metal looking
  7. I been Googling, checking deviantart but i cant find what i looking for I need a Big Silver recycle bin 256x256 png/ico (empty/full) icon for my desktop Best if is in shiny Silver but if not then just metal but good quality and free I also need some Train/subway/Bus icon best if they are in silver or black (For games i play) I already have this Train/bus icons:
  8. I have Avedesk 1.4 (beta2 dont work for me) Avedesk is great for the dock and the weather desklet but i have some problem 1. The biggest problem is sometimes when deleting files with permission it crash explorer.exe so i have to restart explorer.exe to get my tray etc.. back without rebooting The problem is that everytime Avedesk is running clicking Explorer.exe dont restart explorer instead this happen: - the User/documents folder opens - Everytime i click to re-start explorer.exe a new explorer.exe show up in the background so it just duplicate explorer.exe but it dosnt realy restart explorer.exe As soon i Exit Avedesk, close the non-working explorer.exe in the background and re-start explorer it work again explorer.exe start up I pointed this down that there must be a conflict between Avedesk and Explorer.exe Is there a way to fix this , this is so problematic because sometimes i just have to restart explorer.exe and i dont want to reboot or restart Avedesk everytime i do Could it be that Avedesk is using some explorer.exe services hence preventing explorer.exe from restarting until avedesk is closed? 2. Another question i have is about the MorphDock for avedesk 1.4 when mousing over a icon : Program label and program route (C:/windows etc..) is displayed Is there a way to disable so that the Route (C:/windows etc...) is not displayed and only the Label name ? And is there a way to Always show label name not only when mousing over? 3. Also in Morphdock is there a easy way to change possition of a Icon i tried mousing over the icon and dragging it into new possition but that dont work (like in Rocketdock) so If i need to have a new icon in certain possition i have to re-configure all icons again ? 4. About Hot weather for Avedesk (i using the first version of the 2) is it possible to change the theme to say total black instead of having it silver/grey ? 5. Anywhere i can download more Morphdock skins? or having the Wood skin in other colors (so far i changed it easy into grayscale it look much better as you can see here:
  9. Visual style skin problem

    I dont have that much experience i think i tried stylebuilder but didnt understand much of it
  10. Visual style skin problem

    I am having some problem using a visual style skin I am using the "XXX" dark skin which is blue and black I modded it for myself (without any experience just snooping around the script) so now i have it Red and dark. The problems i have: 1. The Background is Black and too dark i want it white i snooped inside the script but i couldnt manage to change the background from the skin itself, so i changed background to white in display properties in windows itself, Problem is that VS skin overwrite the background each time computer is started any solution to set windows so that VS dont overwrite the color background but still apply the skin at startup? Or if this is not possible, can any skinners here just help me point out where the Code is for the background so i can change it to white from the skin. 2. The second problem i have is the Blue meny tab inside explorer it has Blue characters i want it to have Red se picture: I have been able to mod the skin to Red colors everywhere except in this area, any help apreciated. I dont upload the Modded skin here is for personal use, but the original blue/dark skin is found here: Here is the Code in TEXTFILE inside the .msstyle file edited with resedit i saved in it notepad and uploaded so you can check it out: I could not find any option to set the background to white or change the Blue colors tab on the left in the explorer meny: I also checked the shell.dll file if anyone need it i can upload the shell.dll file if changes has to be done from that. I just want the background to be White and the reminding blue colors in the skin (see picture above) to be red. Anyone can help?
  11. I made my desktop to look a bit like Lg chocolate mobile (so popular this days) black with Glow red on. I think everything is ok except for the calendar and Weather widget that dont match the Skin that much. Could not find any matching calender skin Either, and weather widget the one that worked best is the yahoo widget. Does anyone have any suggestion. I would prefer get a Weather or calendar widget that look like The Clock or winamp skin i am using. dont want it to be to big either
  12. I need to find these icons

    Thanks so much Laertis i realy love this icons to my red-dark theme. Is this 2 icons part of a special icon set? (i dont think is the normal alienware darkstar correct me if im wrong) Maybe the icon set has more cool icons like that because this 2 icons was realy realy cool. anyway thanks again so happy :xd
  13. I need to find these icons

    I know the theme is Alienware darkstar but the 2-3 icons i circled in red (The ones i looking for) is nowhere included in the guise atleast i cant find them. so i trying to find who has them
  14. I need to find these icons

    I checked the site you meantioned there some alienware icons there but not the ones i was looking for would be glad if someone has them cant remember where i got the screenshot either
  15. I realy need them specialy the one on the bottom i dont think is the regulary Darkstar icons this 2-3 ones look even better. anyone can help? Also the widgets is it possible get similar widget to yahoo widget i dont use objectX but i would like to get some similar weather widget. (i already use the standard yahoo weather widget, but want the one on the picture)