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  1. AveDesk 1.3

    I too would like to know, this version of avedesk is quite different than what I remember ... I got sysstats up and running fine though
  2. Synergy 2.0 Guikit for Windows

    awesome guikit, but it's spelled wrong in the first sentence on the main page. Synergy.
  3. RumShot 0.5 Beta

    This is how you make the preview images work ... [ url=][ img][ /img][ /url]
  4. Harmon VS

    I like it, and if it's possible to do I say do it
  5. RhapsodizedAGV

    thanks gerrit, now if only the rhapsodized theme will be updated.
  6. Synergy

    yes, its not there
  7. Tab Makeover

    Do you still have this I lost it when I reinstalled Tiger, many thanks.
  8. Synergy

    how can i be more specific? someone here created a better tabbed theme for synergy .... what do you want me to be specific on? synergy is an itunes controller that sits on the menubar ... for OS X .... edit: nm found the thread and asked in it. here is the link if you need to see it,
  9. Synergy

    Someone here made a "better" tabbed theme for Synergy. Was wondering if anyone still knows or has the link to it, thanks
  10. March '06 Desktops

    Yeah, i've been wanting dj's le5 mod for os x and you dont see me crying about it
  11. its a nice site, ive told you before ... but its still broke as hell in safari
  12. thanks tim, for sharing .... love vb 3.5
  13. [WIP] Calendars

    k, how do you buy this ?? :l
  14. ShapeShifter is a revolutionary new product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. We're not talking about just desktop backgrounds and icons here, we're talking about everything - the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons, absolutely everything. You don't wear the same clothes everyday, your house doesn't look exactly like your neighbor's - why should the computing interface you use everyday be any different. You personalize your physical workspace to suit your tastes and whims, so why not your Mac? With ShapeShifter, you can: Change the overall appearance of your operating system safely, quickly, and reliably Tweak existing themes to create the one that's perfect for you Experience things that haven't been possible with Mac themes before Quickly preview themes without actually applying them Use Jaguar or Panther themes in Tiger effortlessly User specific theme and icon set installations Add and remove themes effortlessly Unsanity
  15. [release] Samui for Windowblinds

    very nice release, i'm sure all the windows people are very happy now! even though some of us have been enjoying it for a very long time now!