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  1. Leopard For Vista

    i just found an interesting screenie showing a tiger WB applied to Vista through VistaBlinds/windowblinds for vista (or whatever it would be named)....its still way too long until the final product comes from stardock but it looks very promising indeed...u can see how the improvements in vista fonts and over all polished interface affects how the skin looks ....bear in mind that it can be even better than what the screenie shows cause they just applied an xp skin without any modification so other ones who would be done or upgraded especially for this version will rock....
  2. Flag for Arabic language

    sorry for replying too late to the thread but just for historical background ....yes the Saudi Arabia flag is most famous to represent Arabic language ...simply cause its from where Arabic (as gnome mentioned) originated even before Islam .. but to correct him i just have to say that most middle eastern countries do have Arabic as a primary language with some exceptions ....i live in Egypt and we have it as our primary language ....but all in all ..go for the Saudi Flag ...
  3. Leopard For Vista

    You know that this is a different case ..any one can get the RC build of vista and start fiddling so its in a way available ....while with the next OSX we only get a closed beta for selected developers...this is not a request per say ...rather an open discussion and a wish to see something in the near future... Offtopic: where the heck are you?
  4. Leopard For Vista

    I'm with shorty in hoping for any attempt at skins or any other type of emulation in the vista brings many hopes for a perfect osx or at least a better osx look than xp could do anyway ... i know its not yet final but we got near final code (nothing major will change) so people could crack on it ...i already did and failed miserably for lack of talent...hope so see something in the coming months as people begin to use it more
  5. :confused: Edit: dang NC beat me to it !!
  6. How old are you?

    Man! i feel so young around here after i saw the last coupla ' posts! only 22 lol
  7. Do you celebrate Christmas?

    Well...i don't celebrate it since i'm a muslim..yet i love to see people get together and share happiness....
  8. Royale Vista VS

    Thank you very much my friend!
  9. Royale Vista VS

    can anybody link or attach the styler toolbar?...dobee's site is down for me...
  10. Source Code for itunes plug in

    & be nice to the new member...
  11. [release] Guidance

  12. [req] This Avetunes skin

    i think its kinda cool...although im sure someone somewhere might have done something like this beofre...not the exact same i think but essentially equal...
  13. AveDesk 1.3

    excellent release, but that intro desklet doesn't look like KoL's work !!!
  14. Windows Vista Application/Tab Switching

    You missed my point man...i dont care about that goddamn eye candy myself... i was just trying to point out to him what requiremnts it needs to operate fast with all glass effects enabled... i'm really sorry to say that you are completly wrong on the idea of how UI is not a priority...they wouldnt have bothered if it's something can someone who spent houres upon houres modding sys files say that???....this eye candy is the user experience that can make you either hate or love an OS(look at apple)....can you stand working on Xp with classic theme enabled all time and with XP's default icons??? even if it was the most powerfull OS in the universe??...this eye candy can help you work more effecintly or at least can get you away from sheer boredom!!
  15. Windows Vista Application/Tab Switching

    Unfotunatly, it does need one...2 Gigs of ram and a 256 graphics crad at least to operate super fast and even be enough for games...hell, the OS itself needs a gaiming PC !!! You can still use it though even if you have a lower pc ,but you'll lose eye candy!