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  1. Need help for theme install(avedesk 1.3)

    Cant submit link Like, it contains wallpaper, wetter, clock, hdd(how many left room on hdd) and others this kind of stuff. Also icons, cursor
  2. Hello, i am kinda new here and this program is strange for me. I am asking for help on installing first skin/theme. Then i have so good desktop and ill study avedesk alone also, but in start ill have to ask your help. If anyone can help me/has time to help me, then please add me in msn. My msn is Hope for your help. I have windows XP pro SP2, avedesk 1.3. Cant post, where theme is, because dont have 15 posts. If anybody wants to know, let me know and i pm u address
  3. Avedesk 1.1 Tutorial

    Can anybody tell me, when tutorial for 1.3 comes. I have theme, which only works with 1.3 but i cant understand this program at all:(. Just tell do you finish it in summer or not. I am waiting for it, truly i am.