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  1. Welcome to Windows 7!

    I have just updated the thread. Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 should be available to download on the Microsoft Website on January. I also posted some tips if you are going to download and try Windows 7.
  2. Welcome to Windows 7!

    Hey guys, I just borrowed a Windows 7 Pre-Beta Build 6801 DVD (PDC Version) from a friend and I'm currently running it now on my PC for 30 days. Does anyone want me to upload some screenshots of Windows 7 or tell you how's the perfomance of it before it expires?
  3. White Line in Firefox 3?

    Thanks Kinsemon, but this code didn't work for Firefox 3 but you gave me the clue I needed. However using Google (I just answered my own question LOL) I found out that you need to edit userChrome.CSS and add a small code. There is no need for Stylish. However I guess this is useful for other people who might want to know how. Here it goes: 1. Make sure Firefox 3 is not running. 2. Go to "C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles" 3. There should be 1 folder here. Click on it and then open "chrome" folder. 4. Open "userChrome-example". Delete everything inside it. Then copy and paste this code: /* hide toolbar borders */ toolbar { -moz-appearance: none !important; } 5. Save as "userChrome.css" without the quotes. 6. Open up Firefox. No more toolbar separator.
  4. I'm having fun making XP to look like Leopard. I just finished making Windows Explorer to look like Finder. However, my next step is Firefox 3. Firefox looks beautiful right now but that white line kind of kills it though . Any ideas how to remove it?
  5. Welcome to Windows 7!

    I just updated the thread. PDC 2008 has shown Windows 7. You can find screenshots of Windows 7 Pre-beta by looking at my first post.
  6. Wanna buy a gaming console

    Dude come on. You can't be that blind. Why do you think XBOX 360 prices are cheap? Its not because they want to compete with the PS3. They had 4 years to make revenue and they should not worry about competition. The real reason? You guessed it. A new XBOX will be coming soon. Its market strategy. See, in order to introduce a new game console, they need to clear out whats left. To make that even faster, lowering prices is an excellent option. Now, whenever a product is complete and once it ships out to consumers, the company then focuses on the next upcoming product. When the XBOX 360 shipped out, the XBOX 720 was already being worked on. When the PS3 shipped out, the PS4 was already being worked on as well. Dude think outside the bubble. Read the news. Be informed. End of discussion.
  7. Wanna buy a gaming console

    Just don't cry when the new XBOX is coming. Microsoft is unpredictable. But if XBOX 360 is your choice, thats fine.
  8. Wanna buy a gaming console

    I'm a proud PS3 owner and it was an excellent choice I made. Sony is an excellent company for making high quality products that last for years. Unlike Microsoft, Sony thinks of their customers. Right now Sony is making the PS3 an excellent gaming console because of feature enhancements and the newly In-game screenshots feature. There's more to come though. Now Bluray is the future disc. It is very important to be up-to-date with technology. Bluray gives HD gaming and enough space for large games. Also, this makes uncompressed graphics possible for game developers. The PS3 includes a hard drive that can be used to install games and make loading much faster than only using the disc. Worried about game quality? No need to worry. Connect the PS3 with an HDMI onto a 52inch HDTV and your not going to notice any quality loss because most games are 1080p. Now that's something impressive. Worried about friends? If you have friends on the PS3, you can communicate with either messaging or voice. If your playing a multiplayer game, talk to them either with a headset or just send each other messages. Is Bluetooth important on a game console? The answer is no. The PS3 includes Bluetooth because some PS3 controllers, headsets, and other accessories require that to work wirelessly. That is your choice to use wired or wireless products. What about the games? The PS3 just started. The XBOX 360 was available in 2005. So I don't know why your thinking about the amount of games on the PS3. You want to play something similar to Halo? Buy yourself Resistance 2, SOCOM, or COD WAW. What about SIXAXIS? The Nintendo Wii and the PS3 use motion sensing. Some PS3 games such as GTA IV use SIXAXIS as an optional feature. Use it for steering, reloading, combat and more. Don't expect the XBOX to have motion sensing controllers anytime soon. My computer broke down? What am I going to do? No problem. If you have a Ubuntu CD, you can install it onto the PS3. From there you need a USB Keyboard and a USB mouse. The PS3 can be your personal computer too! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, Microsoft is known for making bad hardware. Most XBOX owners have had error messages and hardware failures. When I mean "most", i defendantly mean most. Also, Microsoft is known for money hunger. Why do you need to pay an XBOX live subscription? That's pretty stupid. Will Microsoft adopt Bluray? Nintendo might but not Microsoft. Since Sony is their enemy, they don't want to have an argument. What's the solution? Either they stick with multiple DVD9 discs or you can purchase and download the game. It's an excellent strategy for Microsoft actually. See, if games are too large you don't want to switch discs over and over again. The solution is to install the game onto a hard drive. If not, the solution is to purchase the game and download the game directly from Microsoft. This is where they will make extra money. They might ship an XBOX with a Hard Drive. Now, how many games are going to fit in the Hard Drive? Here's Microsoft's plan "Well since there's not enough space for your game, sorry to say, but you'll need to buy another hard drive". That's really sad. Well, what about Internet Speed? If your going to download a 7GB game, you really need a fast Internet connection. Here's Microsoft's plan "In order to enjoy our exclusive content, a fast Internet connection is required." There goes your money. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what Steve Jobs said "They have no taste".
  9. Welcome to Windows 7!

    I'm impressed. Windows 7 will run on Asus Eee PCs. They don't have the full capacity of a normal laptop but if 7 can run on that then that means it really is an improvement than Vista.
  10. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Can you please stop posting useless posts? Hopefully a moderator can ban you and take your IP as well. This is childish.
  11. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    I know some people are having problems running XWindows Dock on Vista but its very easy to solve this problem. I'm running it with no problem. Just do this: 1. Disable UAC and never turn it on again. 2. Delete XWindows Dock folder from Program Files. 3. Install a fresh copy of XWindows Dock. 4. Make a shortcut of "XWindowsDock.exe". There, that's all there is to it.
  12. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Yes and I can't believe some people with 1GB or 2GB of RAM say that Vista runs slow. You don't see me complaining. I could run Norton, OpenOffice Writer, Media Player, Internet Explorer, and even a DVD movie all at the same time and it doesn't slow down. I guess my computer loves me or I'm just lucky. Anyways I guess that modifying themes on Vista might be causing the problem. If you just appy it and run it there should be no problem.
  13. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    XWindows Dock does work with Windows Vista. Even with SP1. I'm running it on Windows Vista and it works excellent. Not sure why people are saying it doesn't work.
  14. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Is iTunes hogging the memory? iTunes is known for memory hogging. Sometimes Firefox hogs a lot as well.
  15. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Not sure if this has been posted but I think I found a bug. It seems that when using 512px PNG icons and using zoom effect, when the icons zoom out they look ugly. Look at images. Image 1 Normal dock Image 2 Zoomed out dock (ugly)