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  1. flyakiteOSX 3.5 any update?

    yes, it works with SP3. look for info here: About Bricopacks and Windows XP SP3
  2. flyakiteOSX 3.5 any update?

    hi, check out the LeopardXP BricoPack or if you use vista take a look at VistaOSX '09 greets
  3. Which Dock is Better?

    rk launcher is in my opinion the best. 2. rocketdock greets
  4. Stefanka's Systemfiles Sp2

    you are welcome.
  5. Stefanka's Systemfiles Sp2

    actually it's pretty much the same - but as (shellpack) installer. but i found the systemfiles for replacer on my harddisk yet again. here you go:
  6. Stefanka's Systemfiles Sp2

    hi, here you get the "Stefanka's Systemfiles Pack": greets
  7. Longhorn Inspiriat V.1

    my pleasure
  8. Longhorn Inspiriat V.1

    hi, here it is: btw.: for more shellpacks you can look in my "shellpack installer overview": greets
  9. Firefox Skinning Guide

    hey, no ideas? greets
  10. Firefox Skinning Guide

    hi, how i can change the color of the red-marked background? thx in advance. greets
  11. Stefanka's Systemfiles Xpsp2

    hi! the sp2-files from nightcrawler are the german version. very great! but 3 problems i have: when i replace the files with replacer, the icons turn to the normal xp-icons again on the next reboot. then the messagebox, when i accept a new visual stlyle, is broken (only white background, no "please wait"). the third thing is, that the buttons of the turnoff-window (restart, turnoff, abort) are displaced, when the window-update-text is in it. have you any suggestions? thx & greetz
  12. hi! anybody knows, how i can change the font of the taskbar? aslo i want it in "bold". i think it will works with resourcehacker or resbuiler, right? but where i can find the right option? thank you in anticipation :-)
  13. Stefanka's Systemfiles Xpsp2

    hey! thank you, man! i will try, if it works in german. super! :-)
  14. Stefanka's Systemfiles Xpsp2

    hi! anybody knows, where i can download the "systemfiles SP2" in german? the links don't work. otherwise anybody can send it to me? thx & greets