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  1. [Release] Macgadger V3.0 Alpha Release

    Thanks a lot.. Definately YES, MacGadger is totally Portable and not playing with any system file or any registry. you can move MacGadger folder to anywhere you want and anytime..just don't forgot to exit MacGadger before doing so. and NO Prob, you can ask any questions any time. Regards,
  2. MacGadger v3.0 Alpha Release ___________________________________________ Preview: DESCRIPTION: With MacGadger Alpha Release, you can Emulate the Mac OSX Volume Bezel and lots of more notify Stuffs like CD/DVD Ejection Control , Brightness Control , Hardware Notification , Battery Notifications , Visualize Volume Channels Output on Screen , Controls Power Features like Turn Off Monitor , Power Off PC etc. Bundled with bagful of Features: Controls Volume , Brightness Controls , Power Mode Switcher, Battery/Power Notifications , CD/DVD Ejection and everything with Customizable Global Hotkeys with Fully Skinnable Engine. Using less the 400K RAM: Audio Visualizers for Win Vista/7: Power Notifications, Brightness control , Hardware Notifications and more..: Updates & Latest Features in v3.0: MacOSX like Volume Notification, Mute Notification , Control from Hotkeys. Brightness Control using Hotkeys. USB Plug IN/Removal Skinned Notifications. Battery charging, full , empty Notifications. Plays sound on every Notification. CD/DVD Drive Ejection using Hotkeys. Volume Peak Meters, Visualize outputs in Skinny way on your Desktop. Anti-Aliased alpha Blended Text on Skins. System tray Volume Status/Mute Icon showing current Volume. Playing Sound while changing Volume , Brightness , Hardware Detection , Battery Notifications. Support all Windows Version without using Compatability Mode (Win XP , Vista , 7). Aero Interface for Windows Vista/7 for Ease of Use. Using less then 600K RAM in the Background. No-Installation required, just extract and run. and lots more... Features Pending and Working On: CPU Load and RAM Load Notifications. 3D Notification Effects (Probably will available in next Version) Using mouse controls as Global Hotkeys. Multiply Display Support. and more after getting any new feedback or any new reqested feature... SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: XP , Vista, Win7 DOWNLOAD: Download page on DeviantArt Direct Download Link from DeviantArt INSTALLATION 1. Open the zip file with an unzip tool, such as WinZip or WinRar; 2. Extract file or folder to anywhere ; 3. and then run MacG.exe in extracted folder. Configuration On MacGadger right click button in System tray icon select "Configure MacG.." LICENSE Check out the license.txt for license information. CONTACT US Web Site: Email: _____________________________________________ All the CodeGuru & CodeProject Peoples and Community, for the Wonderful Classes and Helps they Provide to me. and Ofcourse All the Community on Aqua-Soft and DeviantArt and other FORUMS. Where you All People Gave Me New Ideas & Suggestions for inspire me to build such App like this
  3. What about a VideoSkin

    please chk this out:
  4. Wplayer V0.1

    wPlayer v0.1 ___________________________________________ Preview: DESCRIPTION: With widgiPlayer (wPlayer) you can watch Video Songs, Movies and view other media files, in perfectely designed widget. which will always stays where ever you are on your computer, it's easy and comfortable and totally skinable and customizable. DISCOVERY: As inspire from Popular media player named CD Art Display , i always think of a same Video player on my Desktop so i can always watch my fav Video songs while doing any other works. Current Features in v0.1: *Best Video Utility for DeskModers *Not a Single Controls on your fav Video Songs when played. *Totally supports all popular formats(MP4,WMV,AVI,MPG,DIVX....) your system can play . *Supports "Go Wallpaper Mode" enabling you to put your fav Video Songs to be played as on your Desktop Wallpaper. *Stick the Video to your Windows Taskbar *Drag n Drop Media files from anywhere. *Add your fav Video Songs to Playlist *Repeat a Single Track *Totally Skinnable with 32Bit PNG Images with Masked and Gloss Images. *and lots more... Features Pending and Working On: *More rendering options *Mouse hover Media Seeking, Controling controls. *Anti-Aliased Text Titles and progress bars on skins. *Trying to play FLV Video format *and others after getting any new feedback... SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: XP , Vista, Win7 (Recommended: Windows Vista \ Win7) DOWNLOAD: Download page on DeviantArt Direct Download Link from DeviantArt INSTALLATION 1. Open the zip file with an unzip tool, such as WinZip or WinRar; 2. Extract file or folder to anywhere ; 3. and then run wPlayer.exe in extracted folder. Configuration On wPlayer right click button in system tray icon or right click on wPlayer Video screen and select "Options.." LICENSE Check out the license.txt for license information. CONTACT US Web Site: Email:
  5. Hey everybody.... So,after 2 years , here comes the brand new version of MacGadger, totally Vista/Win7 supported including Aero concepts and theming support. New animation , New features , New skins , Easy UI , low memory eater(i think not big thing who uses vista So let me tell you some new features that i added to new version of this Release: Shows current Volume levels Visualize Volume peak levels Adjust volume on the Go Visualize your Left right audio Channels output on the desktop with in-built Desklet. Pause/Resume your favorite Media players, When you mute System Sound. View and Adjust your screen Brightness with customizable hotkeys. Render Anti-Aliased Text Effects on your skins. Very easy aero based UI. Shows when you mute volume,Mute/Unmute using hotkeys Take full control of your CD/DVD Drives with one click. and lots of others.... Currently Alpha Release is only supported for Windows Vista and Windows Seven. But the final release will definatly works on WindowsXP too. well i hope these new features let you wait for the alpha build to release on the internet. If you have any new ideas and suggestions let me know, because Alpha Build is not completed yet. you can download new alpha release in this month. till then enjoy MacGadger v2.0. Regards, MacGadger Author.
  6. Wmp Hider V1.0

    WMP Hider v1.0 ___________________________________________ Preview: This program will allow you to hide Windows Media Player in System Tray Icon. The main feature of this is the ability to make WMP hide and still play your music...without the player in your taskbar! Usage: Simply run this application. You can just double click on the Taskbar icon to "Show/hide" the Media Player and let your music run! Download page on DeviantArt Direct Download Link from DeviantArt ___________________________________________ Copyright and Trademarks: WMP is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. This application (WMP Hider v1.0) purposes. PS Soft does not give any warranty or assumes any liability for using this application. This has been tested on Windows XP and Vista and WMP 11 Series. ___________________________________________
  7. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Yea, i knw this Big Flickring Problem and im working on it..!!! and about loosing ur Desktop icons.. i think u will not get tht problem in next version of DreamDesk..! so plz be patient for next release of DreamDesk.!! Regards,
  8. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Thanks Sir, im now working on diff techniques on redering the video...!! so lets see wht goes next..!! but DreamDesk works fine with AveDesk , and other layerred windows in Vista Operating Systems all Editions..!! so lets hope for better stable release for WindowsXP in future...!! Reagards and thanks for the Helping Feedback,
  9. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Oh ok !!! lol well thanks for the feedback...yes i knw tht problem , its windows XP dll libraries issue..!! but try to fix that... i hope u enjoying DreamDesk!!! plz dont forgot to vote if u like it..!!
  10. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Hello!! ur welcome..!! well i m tryin my best to fix that problem..!! but the problem is not in the DreamDesk , the problem is the Windows XP Library files , it does not support video render ,... but let me see may be i can fix it...!! Regards,
  11. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Ok!! well thanks for all the feedback!!! wish me luck , for more better and stable releases shortly..!! Regards
  12. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Ok!!! i think you have to take a look at Windows DreamScene, bcuz if you play the Videos in Windoes DreamScene, it also take up same CPU as DreamDesk its no diffrence of DreamScene and DreamDesk in taking resources. Regards,
  13. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Hey..!! dont say that you dont have Vista , you can run DreamDesk on Windows XP too so if u want, then you can work on some skins for DreamDesk ! lolz... well take a look at the Tutorial about making skin for DreamDesk.
  14. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    Hello, you can read the tutorial about how to make skins for DreamDesk !
  15. DreamDesk Beta Skin Maker

    (Animated Desktop for WindowsXP and Vista Premium/Basic Editions) As, i get the feedback. I'm Posting a Tutorial about how to make more Skins for DreamDesk Beta. I hope this help you all, who like DreamDesk and love to contribute to make this Beta Future release more Powerfull then MS Windows DreamScene. You can know more about this application here New Users you can Download DreamDesk from Following Links: Please install all Videos Codecs for XP, Download XPCodecPack Download DreamDesk Beta from Here Download DreamDesk Beta from MegaShare EMail: DreamDeskHelp.doc