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  1. '09 Desktops

  2. '09 Desktops

    My entrance for SSC09 this year: http://evilmnky204.deviantart.com/art/SSC09-Gritty-124705105
  3. '09 Desktops

    New one: http://evilmnky204.deviantart.com/art/05032009-121300864
  4. '09 Desktops

    On Impulse
  5. '09 Desktops

    It's Not Safe To Swim Today
  6. '09 Desktops

    The Great Plains
  7. Do U Like Classical Music ?

    Vivaldi, Dvorak, Shostakovich, Holst, Berlioz, Stravinsky, Bach, and Tchaikovsky all are rather good.
  8. Which game should i buy ?

    New Call of Duty is great if you liked 4. They fixed a lot of the annoyances in it, and if you don't mind the setting (it is good though, easily the best WWII shooter), you'll love it.
  9. SongBird VS iTunes??

    Last time I used iTunes with around 40, 50 GB of music, it was actually quite amazing how much it lagged. Foobar is pretty much the only sane choice (unless your a Winamp person, though Foobar does sound a bit better).
  10. Skinning iTunes

    I know someone (I think on HGUI) ported over Kenzo iTunes to iTunes 8, and it was all done through resources. Still loads and everything.
  11. [Joke] MacBook Air Vs. Commodore SX-64

    That's the point....? They stripped everything in order to make the smallest laptop, pretty much putting looks over function, which was an incredibly stupid move.
  12. '08 Desktops

    Felt like doing another one: http://evilmnky204.deviantart.com/art/The-Antique-107880377
  13. Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard

    That is true, getting used to new software like GIMP from Photoshop is pretty drastic, though still tolerable. The games though, that is definitely a problem. It's mostly due to WINE missing a ton of Windows API's that the games need to run on. There have been some progress though, at least it hasn't completely stagnated and games like HL2 and Bioshock (I think) have so far been successfully working.
  14. Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard

    I lol'd very, very hard. Please tell me that was a joke.
  15. Leopard osx by me

    Remember, no question mark means no question, so therefore he just stated something (albeit rather stupid something). Seriously though, it would help to have an actual thought out question with something other than "help me plz" and that's it.