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  1. Do U Like Classical Music ?

    yeah, man. although, i really only know his stuff with bowie.
  2. Do U Like Classical Music ?

    miles davis is quoted (somewhere) as saying that stravinsky was THE MAN. ooh, ooh! there's a great jazz/classical crossover piece by leonard bernstein called 'prelude, fugue and riffs.' i've got a recording of it with benny goodman on clarinet. it is super kick-ass.
  3. Do U Like Classical Music ?

    this is a tough one. i think most people would point you towards mozart, bach, beethoven. it depends on what your aesthetic is: do you like brittany spears? start with mozart. do you like frank zappa? start with stravinsky. do you like enya? start with debussy. do you like hip-hop? there's no hope for you.
  4. Do U Like Classical Music ?

    hey, somebody smart at aqua-soft! yeah, stravinsky, rimsky-korsokov, (early) prokofiev, janacek, bach, dvorak, respeghi, to name a few. i didn't always like classical. when i was about 25 or 26 (yes, a looooong time ago!), a friend of mine sat me down, put headphones on me, and played me something i'd never heard of before, a little piece called 'the rite of spring' by some guy named stravinsky. changed my life.
  5. Elo Backing Tracks

    dud, elo rocks! i just bought my brother the flashback boxset for his birthday.
  6. Buying a Cell Phone

    transylvania? i thought that was a made up country.
  7. Transparent Tower + Monitor
  8. DeskVibe (DeskModding News and Release Articles)

    looks real nice, man.
  9. Transparent Tower + Monitor

    matonga: lol, nailed him!
  10. suitable A.virus with vista

    true, you don't gots to splain nothin' to no one. what then, are we to make of your claim? it ain't that good cuz you say so? okay, then... ---------------- Now playing: Lavern Baker - Saved via FoxyTunes
  11. Toilet Paper Usage

    in case anyone is curious (and i know you are!), i'm a big-spending, double-folding paul bunion.
  12. suitable A.virus with vista

    lucy, you got some splainin' to do...
  13. Another online music vendor to go DRM-Free

    anyone who pays 1.29 to itunes instead of .99 to amazon is nuts. @kaw: yeah. .30 to unlock the song i already bought. whatta joke!
  14. suitable A.virus with vista

    for free: avira gets better scores than avast or avg, but doesn't have an e-mail component. for pay: the battle for tops rages on between kaspersky and nod32. check this.