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  1. Black Itunes & Safari Icon

    I have both of those. Anyone have any other black icons? Especially itunes.
  2. Anyone have any black itunes or safari icons. I don't really like any of the ones I have.
  3. Black Folders

    Where can I find these folders?
  4. How do you change the system icon for rar and zip in leopard??
  5. Dashboard icon

    Thanks Ex3cut3r
  6. Dashboard icon

    Do you have it in that color?
  7. Apple dock active indicator

    Neverminde I found them. If anybody wants them they're here
  8. Apple dock active indicator

    Thanks Kith. Can you make a lit version?
  9. Dashboard icon

    Does anyone know where I can get this dashboard icon?
  10. Apple dock active indicator

    Can you do it?
  11. How do I get my dock active indicator like this?
  12. Does anyone know where I can download this?
  14. Delta

    Great looking theme. Can someone make a Firefox or itunes skin to go with it?
  15. iKons

    How do you have the icon show the space used?