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  1. [Link] idleTunes

    hey,what's your version of itunes? 6 or 7?
  2. [Link] idleTunes

    I have the same problem. I 'm running itunes7 right now . Is it about the version?
  3. how to remove the duplicates in the library?

    thx,guys,this really helps
  4. [release] Buttons

    where? still " file not found" anyway, it is a awesome work
  5. hi ,im new here.i got some problem. I have some duplicates and dead entries in the library.I dont know how to remove them. is it the only way that I do it manually? That would be too awkward. Anyone could give some tips?
  6. AveTunes 3

    I've also tried the avedesk 2,its frustrating too. It's really weird. Would it be the problem of my system?
  7. AveTunes 3

    em,forgive me to bother... after i reinstall(repair) the itunes, everything turned OK now! I feel silly to post the problem,definitely not the fault of avetune. but the version 3 still conflictes with avedesk1.3. I dont know why,something must be done with my OS. so im using 2.6 now. anyway,happy now
  8. AveTunes 3

    what's the version of your avedesk? Im using 1.3 after installing avetune3,the avedesk just crashed. so i can only install the 2.6 version,but it pop out a dialogue,saying"you seem to have the wrong version of itunes",and told me to update the itunes.
  9. AveTunes 3

    seems it dont support the itunes 7
  10. Strange-Things Idea Suite