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  1. AveTunes 3

    Another link to it:
  2. Jumsoft Money icon

    yeah- i do
  3. Black Finder

    Here's a marbelized black one that goes with any dark set.
  4. Sakura icons

    Here's a bigger collection of hybrid works stuff:
  5. looking for some cute icons!

    @SirSmiley ...I never been to iconShock before today -that site rocks. Thanks
  6. Recycle Icons and a Empty Box

    1. The condom set 2. Starbucks coffee set 3.Hybridworks coffee set
  7. Folders

    This is what you're looking for, they'll only be on here acouple of days so dl it immediately
  8. DMG Extraction

    ASH: Thanks for sharing your knownledge. I'm trying to get the icons out of crystalclear.dmg. Once I get the .dmg to .iso. I open UltraISO and "mount" this correct? And from there what do I do because i've clicked everywhere and can't seem to view the files within the .iso. Thanks in advance.
  9. DMG Extraction

    all i did was extract the jar file -haven't tried using it yet - so i don't know how to do anything from that point. So you'll need to "unzip" it first.
  10. DMG Extraction

    Thanks so much ash -I haven't tried the program yet but if it works that'll be brilliant. I had tried to use "dmg2iso" but it never worked. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure this one out.
  11. [rel] Aveiconbook

    Iconbook per request:
  12. this avetunes skin

    Here's the version that works for avetunes:
  13. Recycle bin icons

    @liquival : I didn't post anything at macthemes -i'm not a member there. Besides, my collection is better! They're trash bins, I've collected for the last year. Like i said -it's only about 1/2 of them since the other 1/2 are in their respective collection folders. @AntAstrophY: Glad to be of help
  14. Recycle bin icons

    Here are some of the garbage icons I have saved -it's about 1/2 my collection. In each of those folders there are multiple sets of empty/full trash bins bringing the total up to more than 100 sets. It's a start You can download them here:
  15. Looking for these icons...

    Mr.610 by Susumu modded are NFR: