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  1. Hide the toolbar from explorer

    Damn, the link is down.
  2. Hi, I need help for hide the toolbar(file, edit, view...) in the explorer! Thanks. Example:
  3. '08 Desktops

    Who vs is this? Capric0rn it´s amazing!
  4. It´s possible use a .msstyles of Windows XP in Vista? I need the [fear] Platinum VS in Vista!
  5. Simply, how add shadow to Vista Taskbar (Top). I try with YzShadow, but don´t worked, and I don´t want WindowFx. Thanks
  6. Edit msstyles

    Oops, yes, i know too. damn it
  7. Edit msstyles

    Hi all, i have a problem... how can edit a msstyles without stylebuilder, i see these text with somes msstyles "This file was not generated by StyleBuilder and may import poorly" Please, any soft o link for that? *Sorry for my english
  8. Aqua IRC

    Hi, Someone have the Aqua IRC? Please, give me a link! Thanks
  9. Transparent windows Background

    Please, some manual o links or tutorial for that?
  10. Hi, someboby help me for change the left text highlight in the picture? Ex: "Diashow" for "Play" Thanks!
  11. Longhorn Inspiriat V.1

    And the link is here, for someone...
  12. Hi, what is the application for transparent windows backgrounds (explorer windows) in this screenshot. Thanks!
  13. Longhorn Inspiriat V.1

    Thanks, man!
  14. Longhorn Inspiriat V.1

    Hi! Can someone help to find the great & old Longhorn Inspiriat VS V.1? Note: L. Inspiriat V1 Not L. Inspirat V2 Thanks! All the best.
  15. Identify this dock

    Hi, I need info about the dock & dock theme Thanks!