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  1. rage 128 pro drivers

    Yes, I downloaded the drivers for the RAGE series.
  2. rage 128 pro drivers

    i downloaded the setup files for my graphic card from my manufacturer's website. But when i run it, i get a message "The display driver is not compatible with the display adapters installed in your system" and i know for sure i have rage 128pro. what do i do?
  3. rage 128 pro drivers

    I have rage 128 pro graphics v6.13.0010.5019 card from manufacturer ati technologies and i need the latest version b/c i can't run call of duty with my current version. So plz let me know where i can get them. Thanks
  4. AveDesk 1.3

    This is the latest version of Avedesk right....
  5. Hot Weather

    ok so I renamed the zip file to hotweather.aveinst but when i double did not install????its going into zip file???I do have Avedesk running
  6. Hot Weather

    which file do we click on to open the hot weathe???
  7. Help with Avedesk14

    Hi guess...I was custamizing my window so it would look like Mac... and I downloaded Avedesk to my desktop was all working fine...then suddenly it is giving me a error message saying that it cannot find "YZDocklet.dll" ......So I downloaded this file and it is still giving me the same error message ????? any suggestions
  8. Help with Hide Desktop module

    Ok guys...I downloaded "hide desktop" desklets and used worked..the probelm is that I cant get my desktop back....????? I know it does that...but I needed switch back to my desktop for something....So what I did was deleted the "hide desktop" desklets and it did not work... the other thing I did was exit "AveDesk" program .... and it did give my old desktop back..the probelm is that .. I dont want to exit the program completly there any other way to get the desktop back???
  9. Mcbar

    Is it normal when u install Mcbar...the start up menu disappers????
  10. April '06 Desktops

    hmm some questions how did u guys manage to put the desktop icons on the right hand side of the desktop????? Another one how did some of u guys made ur Desktop Icons bigger then odinary sizes??? Nice desktop
  11. How does ur desktop looks like???

    opps did not know taht...all right just close this one down please ...
  12. hey guys.I was just wondering if u guys can take a snap shot of ur desktop and post it here...lets compare that to others and see
  13. Probelm with internet connection

    alright my e-mail is I am wiiling to take advices from anyone .... who knows what the hell they are doing
  14. Probelm with internet connection

    ??????? I guess I need to some help....
  15. Probelm with internet connection

    It is cable modem....