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  1. Announcement: Xwindows Dock

    WOW, That bloody good news, thanks a lot mate!
  2. Probably Charles Baudelaire or Arthur Rimbaud, in french ; or Wordsworth in english. It's funny I just rediscovered Wordsworth last night on opening an old book. The Sleeper in the Valley It is a green hollow where a stream gurgles, Crazily catching silver rags of itself on the grasses; Where the sun shines from the proud mountain: It is a little valley bubbling over with light. A young soldier, open-mouthed, bare-headed, With the nape of his neck bathed in cool blue cresses, Sleeps; he is stretched out on the grass, under the sky, Pale on his green bed where the light falls like rain. His feet in the yellow flags, he lies sleeping. Smiling as A sick child might smile, he is having a nap: Cradle him warmly, Nature: he is cold. No odour makes his nostrils quiver; He sleeps in the sun, his hand on his breast At peace. There are two red holes in his right side. Arthur Rimbaud
  3. Ciano Dock

    This app looks really nice except it is a circle dock, which is for me unusable. I tried orbit or circle docks, they are fun to play with but for everyday use, nothing's like a good olg dock bar at the bottom or at the top. Yet, I reaaly like the apparent ease of use of this dock and it's smooth animations. Good job so far.
  4. Explorer Cover Flow

    Great job Mate! Thank you so much for sharing this little gem. Just a suggestion, could you enable the mousewheel?
  5. Standalone Stack 2

    Merci Christian. Je n'avais pas vu que l'option était déjà intégrée. ... Après test ... J'ai deux raccourcis dans mon y'z dock, après avoir validé l'option, un seul des deux arrive à se décharger de la mémoire.
  6. Standalone Stack 2

    What do you mean? What arguments can I use ?
  7. Standalone Stack 2

    I really love standalone stacks. Thank you so much for sharing Christian. I'm using it with y'zdock at the moment. Just a question though, would it be possible to completely unload the program from memory once the stack has been closed. In Y'z dock, after the first use a running indicator remains under the icon.
  8. New Style Matrix Screen Saver

    Avira also found a trojan.
  9. [release] Automate Sysfile Modding

    Great job thanks for the release. It works like a charm on my xp sp3 with Rocketdock. Just a suggestion: When clicking on a task representing a non minimized window, it minimizes it. I think it should bring it to the front instead.
  10. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Thanks for your efforts Matonga, but version 2 does not work on my computer with Rocketdock 1.3.5 I add a new stackdocklet2 on my dock and it works but when I click the icon I get a window saying the program has hung.
  11. These Trash Icons

    I understand, but that's all I could do. However I set converticon to make icons of all sizes from 16 to 128 px and they look good on my computer.
  12. Min/max/...

    Try leftsider
  13. These Trash Icons

    I took them and converted them using punklab's converticon There you are...
  14. Stacks Docklet

    My heart also missed a beat... I tried the pre beta, looks promising. Thanks for all your efforts and time Matonga
  15. Stacks Docklet

    @Matonga You might try to send Polyvector and Skunkie (Rocketdock's authors) a message through this page :