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  1. Soo.. Is The Win To Mac Mod Scene Dead?

    Hey Duckie!! I'm surprised that some of the old timers are still here. I just got out of my 5 year contract where I didn't have any time to even browse the old familiar sites that I have been frequenting.   Ever since it has been easier to run hackintoshes instead of emulating the look on windows 7 and 8, that is in my opinion one of the reasons why the slow down on sites like these.
  2. Quicklook For Windows

    that would be another great project Vladimir. Sorry I don't have much time to help you at the moment but you have my support. Thanks
  3. Fences 1.0

    Why did you have to open another thread when you already did the same one before here?
  4. Cianodock Released !

    Nice but not yet really useful. Biggest bug so far was when you open the ciano dock config from the tray and then close it, the dock becomes half the size and the more you open and close the config window, the smaller the dock gets till you can't see it anymore. Also I don't like that it is always on top of all windows. The dock does not want to go away at all unless I close the program. Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service pack 3 AMD Athlon 64x2 dual processor 6000+ 3.1 Ghz, 2g ram
  5. Official Posting Warning!

    This thread should have been locked as soon as it was created in 2005
  6. Worst Mac Experience

    Everyone from that Apple store should be fired!!!
  7. Transparent Tower + Monitor
  8. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    I just tried to send money but it still doesn't work.
  9. [Joke] MacBook Air Vs. Commodore SX-64

    //Threads Merged. Thanks for the tip, GameBoyzGB. -NC
  10. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    OK. I tried to send money via Paypal too and got the same response. May I recommend that someone with WebMoney and Paypal accounts volunteer to receive Paypal donations and then manually transfer them to Bobah's WebMoney account.
  11. myBoard, the Mac OS X Dashboard on Vista

    Great job ady! Works fine on both Vista and XP.
  12. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    I sent you this PM as a courtesy. I never mentioned that I have contributed anything to this thread. I have inputted a couple of suggestions. It was my personal opinion that you "acted" as if you are the original developer in this thread. Many of our posts don't even help and the size of this thread has been mostly due to your postings. I appreciate that you have done some contributions here but please if you don't have the right answer, just leave it for others to answer. When I sent you the PM, I also forwarded it to an Admin so that if I was in error, the Admin will tell me so. Thank you and sorry for bringing this up but I'm only human. Apologies to everyone else. Cheers
  13. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    @Bobah: So far, in such a short period, you have done a Fantastic job on the XWindows Dock mate! Salute! Just a few suggestions. 1. I hope you would add the option to change the number of zoomed icons between 1 to 10. I believe we may achieve a smoother look when moving the mouse across the dock using a higher number. 2 Increase zoomed icon size to a maximum of 128 or even 256. 3. Zoom the icons when you actually are at the edge the icon and not when on the maximum icon size hotspot as it now seems to be using. Thanks. @ atrieu: You sir have done an amazing job developing docklets for XWindows Dock. :bow: To further improve on your XCal docklet, may I recommend an option to follow the dock since you have implemented an arrow pointing to the dock. Also by the same token, when the mini calendar is showing, hide the date label so that it doesn't show behind it. Thank you.
  14. K! Media Center

    Nice job although that is from Front Row 1.0. Leopard uses Front Row 2.0 and it works differently as you can see from the YouTube video
  15. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Maybe a little history is needed.