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  1. Special Release: iTunes + Multi-Plugin

    It's a really old version of iTunes. 7.0.2 to be exact. A few iPods and even iPhones will not sync with this version of iTunes, let alone be recognized. But, if you like risks: http://www.localhost127.net/multiplugin/do...d/iTunes+MP.exe
  2. New Yz Shadow Error :'(

    ....but there might be some system icons in that said file, so be careful cause when you reboot some icons probably will change!
  3. Is this a trick question? 50 tabs? Firefox likes to eat RAM, regardless of version. I had 256MB in my laptop then I pushed it to 2GB. More tabs, and it makes up for the 1.3GHz single core processor.
  4. Leopard To Tiger.

    My buddy has a blog post on it Here it is. You might have to scroll a big cuase I don't know how new his posts are
  5. RIP Mac Mini ('05-'08)

    Hmmm. Let me put it this way, for a kid who actually saved up money for one (that's right, I earned money and kept it in a secret place), I'm glad I got the Mac Mini. In fact, I say it's too bad that they have discontinued it.
  6. Which Social Networking Site Do You Use

    Facebook. There better be an Aqua-Soft group on there by now.
  7. Bootcamp storage sharing

    Also, there is an app called HFSExplorer or something which lets you browse HFS(+) volumes and save files from them on your Windows disk. You would have to do this from the Windows side, however.
  8. Is having the Apple logo worth it?

    Well...well...you can replace the monitor on your Mac Mini! I don't know what to say...Some people view other people owning a Mac as godly (me included, before I got mine). So, in short, yes, it's worth it.
  9. RocketDock fonts look ugly?

    RocketDock doesn't apply ClearType onto fonts, if I recall. It completely ignores the setting, I think.
  10. How fast can you type the alphabet?

    I got just a little over 10 seconds on my first try. Second time, I got nine seconds.
  11. Me? Oh, I always keep it plugged in. The battery really sucks, as it's at like 19% health. It only has about 40 minutes of battery life. However, the laptop it 4 years old, so it makes sense.
  12. ObjectBar Mod

    yes, we want the file
  13. FlyakiteOSX v3.5

    I can't wait for Leopard FlyakiteOSX
  14. Alethiometer pngs (small request)

    Heh, I have an account at mediafire. Found it while looking for a file hosting service Nice icon. Meh, I don't need it, but it's got a resemblance...
  15. Tiger Visual Style for Vista?

    Hmmm...why would you want Tiger? The only reason you can't find a Tiger VS is because Tiger is offically an old Mac OS version. Mac4Lin FTW.