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  1. VideoShelf RC1

    cool update ,but how to add dvd manually and how to return from the screen of the pedding list?
  2. Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

    you are such a hero
  3. VideoShelf RC1

  4. "Beta" of AveDesk 2

    downloading , you are greate
  5. Porthole

    I like this very much. although when I start to change a wallpaper it always overlay on my task bar and yz dock and other things. can you add some features to it ? like set it to change every time you logon and maybe a globle hotkey to change wallpaper? thanks again for the nice little app
  6. VideoShelf RC1

    very good , only the fade in and out of the property of a dvd is very slow. waiting for next release
  7. funny, old topic. I have a mac if you still need i can get the icon directly from the resource folder
  8. Muku for iTunes 6

    thanks very much .like it
  9. Buttons on the left of the titlebar ?

    as i know, a vs will always display the buttons on the right side ,only wb can display it on left . also depends on the skin itself.but at least you can get the buttons on left side if you use windowblinds. there is also a small app called title what (i can't remember)can modify the title part of a window to make the botton change to left side with its own skin , but that app is not stable when i use it.you can also search the forum if you can find anything on that.
  10. A few new programs from Four13 Designs

    greate,the Videoshelf is very cool indeed , I like it . Hope to see it soon. if it can even manage the local movie files , that will be much better .even though the deliciouse library cannot
  11. x86 (PC) version of Snapshooter

    there is, you need to check the Macforum still in beta
  12. RK launcher accessing HD when not in use

    yes I have recycle bin problem as well , but same with the yz docklet . it seems the recycle bin get access to the HD and when I want to safely remove some removable hard disk , it just refuse and then again the system will give no response anymore. I think we need a new recycle bin desklet
  13. hum.. better recylebin docklet.. *hides*

    yes the current one has some bug sometimes make everything no response . and I need to push the power button to shut down the machine.
  14. Shadows on windows

    it seems the latest version of winfx solved this problem , should be version 3 beta. see the attach screenshot .but it seems still buggy
  15. RK Launcher v0.4 - BUG REPORTS

    RK Launcher 0.41 239 Windows XP with SP2 and latest patches Flyakite 3.5 1.25G Ram Pentium M process 1600Mhz when using a MSN Live (8) latest ,minimize to the launcher ,it takes up all the CPU and if I restore it ,the CPU usage is back to normal. thanks .