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  1. Standalone Stack 2

    Dude you have so much talent it's scary $10 says Christian will have a fulle file explorer replacement by the end of the year!! Thanks for your hard labour. T'es le meilleur mec!
  2. Apple Releases Safari 4

    I'll definitely install on my MacBook, but I'll stick to FF on Windows... Now the big question: can you sync bookmarks between the two WITHOUT XMarks...?
  3. Open Source Apps

    I honestly don't know of any open source docks for Windows... As for portable, a lot of the apps here have little to know system footprint. Standalone Stack comes to mind, but have a look at the forums and try them out to make sure. I know that AveDesk is also configurable to be installed and isolated to a single folder, and although it's not exactly an app from here, Rocket Dock can very easily be configured to be portable by checking the "Use single user" checkbox, or something like that. I hope this answers your question!
  4. Apple Hw Clock

    Once again... YOU DA MAN!!! I can confirm this works with Hackintosh machines (and before anyone freaks out, I actually OWN a Mac, so yes I did pay for it... )
  5. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Hmmm... Vista or XP? And what type of icons are you using?
  6. Dock

    Hehe yeah I know... I recently just stopped using XWD; no much needed updates...
  7. Which Anti-virus Do You Use ?

    I use Nod32, hasn't let me down! But a note to peeps bashing McAfee: you're right, EXCEPT if you consider their corporate solutions. That's what we have at work and dear god, I have to admit it's REALLY powerful. Mind you it cost like $1M to set up and takes 150 Mb of RAM on the clients, plus a huge server(s), so it's not for every day use that's for sure!
  8. Where to start with computer programming?

    I'll revive this one a bit and throw a curve ball at you: what would I want to learn if I want to be able to program for both Mac and PC, apart from Java? I've been dabbling in programming but I suck at it so I want to learn seriously, so might as well learn something I can use on all my computers!
  9. Standalone Stack 2

    No actually that's fine; I was just wondering if that was intended or not. The option to have running or not would be nice however.
  10. Stacks Docklet 2.0

  11. Standalone Stack 2

    The direction works for me... Here is a little bug report for you Christian: if you click on the stack shortcut and there is already a standalonestack2.exe process running, it will still start a second one. It will kill the second process if you click out of the stack, but the first one stays there. FYI. Très bien comme petit programme mon ami, bravo!
  12. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Pretty sweet Christian! Is there folder watching in the standalone by any chance?? EDIT: noticed the new topic... sorry for the real-estate theft ;P
  13. CheckMail Docklet for ObjectDock

    Hey Smaky, just a quick question (did a search but darn I hate the search engine!): where are the passwords stored with this desklet? What I'm really wondering is, are the passwords encrypted/hard to access on the machine or are they stored in plain text in an .ini file? Thanks!
  14. Xwd - The Off-topic Thread

    Hmmm.... he didn't make XWD Open Source, did he?
  15. Dock

    I agree: RK. XWD could have reflections disabled though... And it's NOT a Mac, but everyone's established that