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  1. Stacks Docklet

    is it possible to rename the docklet? for example let's say that i have a folder called "downloads" and for the docklet, i want to change the name to "mIRC downloads" so that it shows up as "mIRC Downloads" when i hover over it.
  2. small RK Launcher Irritation

    on the latest nightly build, when i select for RK Launcher to start with windows, it writes / to the filepath and not which is what it should be. edit: btw:i'm talking about the Registry option. the other option writes it fine.
  3. Searching: Testers for next AveDesk

    i tried contacting you with Windows Live Messenger but it seems that you're never on.
  4. Demigod - Behemoth - Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth [4:41/320Kbps/44KHz/MP3]
  5. WMP11 - Get it while its Hot

    then why are the download links on softpedia not pointing to a legit location? also there's a torrent link at the bottom.
  6. Weird Magnification Error

    a lot of times when i start up AveDesk, i get a messagebox saying an error with the Magnification.desklet file. it also returns "(32)". but today, my comp turned off my monitor(i set it to do so) and when i got back, i moved the mouse to make it appear again. once it did, i got this messagebox. so i'm just wondering what happened
  7. Searching: Testers for next AveDesk

    if i can, i would also like to betatest AveDesk. i'm pretty much a beta test fanatic since i have a lot of betas installed on my comp(RK Launcher, foobar2000, and a few others).
  8. AveDesk 1.3 SDK

    sweet. ima get working on my desklets very soon. thanks again
  9. AveDesk 1.3 SDK

    thank you edit:btw, do you know if it is possible to compile a desklet with Visual Studio 2005? since i saw that the project files were VC6, i thought i should ask the question since i know that plugins for another program can only be compiled with VS8.
  10. AveDesk 1.3 SDK

    it doesn't look as if the link works. i really need it badly so that i can create a few widgets for my music.
  11. the plugin doesn't do anything. it just displays all the info and lets me use CD Art Display's playback controls. i can't even configure it at the config page. but yeah that's pretty much what i've been doing(opening CD Art Display which opens foobar2000).
  12. I have a question. is it possible to implement a feature which hides CD Art Display when the player closes? because right now, i'm using foobar 0.9.1 with foo_winamp_emulator and the "Start when player starts" feature doesn't work.
  13. [help]No Desktop Icons

    lately i've been using AveDesk and i've been loving it. however i remember that there was a feature in it which made it hide all the desktop icons. right now i want the icons back and i cannot find any way to restore em using AveDesk. so does anyone know a solution. also if this has been posted before, i apologize.
  14. [help]No Desktop Icons

    although i had to restart explorer using Process Explorer, that worked like a charm. Thank You