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  1. Special Release: iTunes + Multi-Plugin

    The links are broken. anybody have a copy of the final iTunes+Multi-Plugin bundle?
  2. Special Release: iTunes + Multi-Plugin

    What breaks MP/iTunes for 7.4 - 7.5 anyway? - What needs to be updated? - Perhaps we should be working on this as a community. Since M-Plugin is free, unofficial software, localhost can't be expected to drop everything & fix it every 2 weeks when Apple releases a minor update ( or whatever...) - but when major features change; iPhone support, non-DRM music store support etc. - it would be nice to update eventually. So; Can we just fix it? Anybody have some ideas? It has been almost a year since the iTunes + Multi-Plugin release.
  3. Losing settings

    Yes. I have MP installed. I should have mentioned that... Is it a known issue? I can't remember for sure but I think this happened some before I had MP, & then I had everything working well for a long time, (no losing settings) including with my current combination of iTunes/MP. Thanks.
  4. Two iTunes versions

    I thought I saw this discussed here before, but I can't find it now. I would also like to be able to do this, but I expect it would be quite difficult.
  5. Losing settings

    -- My iTunes sometimes loses my settings, seemingly at random. Not too often, like every 6 months.. I keep backups of my prefs files, so it's not catastrophic, but still annoying. -- Does anybody know what causes this? - Is there a fix?
  6. Special Release: iTunes + Multi-Plugin

    localhost has been amazing. MP is very cool. - I don't know how one person can be responsible for keeping something like that up to date. - How can you spend dozens or hundreds of hours on it every time they update, all for free? - He probably has, like, a job & a life uknow? -I have learned not to update iTunes right away anyway. They release them well before they are ready, then you see here, & on Apple support forums, everybody freaking out it's broken, even w/o trying to install MP. So I give it a good while, usually about when localhost releases MP update... -So I've been happily using iTunes7.0.2.16 for some time now, but I'd like to try the new higher quality non-DRM downloads from iTunes, which requires 7.4. -As super cool as MP is, the best long-term solution would be not to need it anymore; -either a new media player, -or iTunes to start having the functionality MP provides. -Yes I know that's been called for for some time & they (Apple) don't seem to be listening. - Until then, does anybody know if localhost is planning a new release? Perhaps some people who want it, & have some ability, could volunteer some time? (I'm afraid I may not be much help...) What exactly keeps it from working with new iTunes version anyway? Can we do a work-around? Any ideas? I'm sorry I don't have a link, but there are instructions for this. I think it's discussed elsewhere in these forums, & in Apple support forums, etc.-iTunes has renamed your old files as "previous" & doesn't read them anymore, instead creating new empty files, -but at least it saved them. - You make back-up copies of your library & preferences files, & rename your "old files" (the ones that have your data) & replace the files in your "new" (old version?) of iTunes with the re-named files... You have to do it with iTunes closed... - You can't roll back from a newer version of iTunes to an older one without doing this work-around. -- My iTunes sometimes loses my settings, seemingly at random. Not too often, like every 6 months.. I keep backups of my prefs files, so it's not catastrophic, but still annoying. Does anybody know what causes this? Does it happen w/o multi-plugin installed? Is there a fix?
  7. Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

    I posted w/ this issue months ago. I have same problem. Have heard no reply so far... If you click an empty section of the mini player before you maximize, then the full window works OK, but then, that is one click too many... Anybody have ideas?--- Also, I hear the crash-on-close problem has been fixed in M-plugin 2.4.1(for iTunes7), any chance that fix can be applied to M-plugin2.3.2? iTunes, M-plugin2.3.2, Win XP, 2.4 GHz Pentium, 1Gb RAM
  8. Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

    If you figure this out, can you tell us how to fix it in M-Plugin 2.3.2 as well? That's the only small, & occasional glitch I've had with it. I think many of us will stick with iTunes 6 for some time.(And therefore M-Plugin 2.3.2)-- iTunes 7 seems to be buggy, & not an improvement overall. More complaints than usual in these forums, & Apple iTunes forums. Apple will likely take longer to fix iTunes 7, than you tend to take to fix/address, issues/questions about M-Plugin. Thanks for all you do, localhost.:cool: Multi-Plugin makes any version of iTunes more fun to use.
  9. New iTunes 7

    How do you do this? 6 doesn't want to read the 7's back-up file either.
  10. Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

    Always good to back up the folder where your music is stored, just in case. And also the folder which stores your playlists/ library file.
  11. Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

    It's a check. I've been just re-setting it when I want to work on it. Not sure it would be wise to give write permission to all of c: drive or anything. I can't remember how that all works.. If you want to change the selection bar color in an experimental skin, add or replace iTunes-041.bmp & iTunes-043.bmp (I think...) in the extended folder of that skin. Use your own image, or if it's only for your own use, just steal an image you like better from annother skin.-- I have not learned how to change the pale blue, & white background stripes behind unselected songs yet. I'm not a skinner so I can't tell you how to make the image,( you have to figure out the dimensions etc.) but go to m-plugin help file for directions to create developer template, new skin folder. Likewise I've only been able to copy color codes from other skins into skindata.ini, I don't know how to create my own font color. I could use help w/ this.
  12. Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

    Thanks, ChimChim! I can see file extensions now, & togle developer mode. I'm a little confused about setting write permissions on various folders needed to make these changes. Sometimes I can make the changes "stick" (appear after switch to my modified skin), other times not. I'm logged in in as administrator while working on this. Unchecked "read only" for: plugins folder, skins folder, & the skin I'm creating. (They always revert back to read only. Can I change this, & should I ? How?) I tunes is closed, then I turn it on, & switch skins, but sometimes don't see change. What is the proper procedure? Also: Is there a library for the hex code for font colors? ; Can anyone tell me how to change the colored bar that indicates a selection in the source list? I see this has been changed in some skins, but I'm having trouble finding it. (Edit: Never mind, found it..)(Still looking for hex color library...) And: I'm still having a problem of iTunes going to sleep, & becoming unresposive to mouse clicks. I have to minimize/re-maximize to make it work again. anybody have this?
  13. Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

    Sorry, *SkinName* is what I was trying to say by "SkinX". So: (C:Program FilesiTunesSkins*SkinName* 6.0.x.xSkindata) -None of mine actually show the .ini extension, even if I name them that, it dissappears. If I edit the files I get changes, but not what I expected according to the post I quoted from deelo. I still can't figure out how to turn on developer mode, so I don't know what expressions refer to which elements.. :confused:
  14. Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

    Is skindata file supposed to already say .ini? or you only add this after you edit? (Or am I navigating to wrong file?)-(C:Program FilesiTunesSkinsSkinX6.0.x.xSkindata)..; Can you just edit with notepad, or have to use something special? Also: Do you just edit the file to read: DeveloperMode=yes, to have it say what elements the font #s, etc. refer to? (I can't see that yet) Very beginner I'm sure, any help much appreciated.
  15. Does anyone know how to defeat the function of having the mouse scroll wheel control the volume of i tunes? If I view a page for a minute, then start scrolling again, I keep turning down the Vol. I'd prefer to just grab the slider.