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  1. Mac-style skins for Digsby

    Wow this is an amazing app, do you know where there are different skins.
  2. February '08 Desktops

  3. Firefox Bookmark Icon

    Nevermind I found it in firefox.exe
  4. Firefox Bookmark Icon

    I'm looking for a firefox bookmark icon for my dock. Anyone have some? Thanks.
  5. False Advertisement

    Upload a screenshot.
  6. Desktop

    I take it that your msn used to be where that box is, and now msn is minimized to the system tray. If thats the case all you have to do is open y'z shadow and make it not add shadows under msn. Just add it to the exclusion list.
  7. Konfabulator and Widgetdock

    Thank you Ghostwalker, you answered my question.
  8. Konfabulator and Widgetdock

    Hmmm... *confused* So I want to hide the widget. By hide the widget do you mean the dashboard... or the other widgets on the desktop? And how do I set an argument? Thanks.
  9. Similar docklet for Avedesk

    Is there a simlular docklet for avedesk?
  10. Konfabulator and Widgetdock

    I have installed Konfabulator and Widgetdock now what I want to do is have only some (the ones I specify) widgets open when I click on the Widgetdock, and the rest would just stay on the desktop. HAHA, after reading that your probably more confused than I am. Let me take anther stab at it... with pictures: Ok see the Callwave widget, I want that only to show up when I click the Widgetdock widget: If this isn't possible is there I way, a work around ect... that would make this possible? Thank your for your help. EDIT: What I want is for it to do practically the same thing as if I were to press the F8 key.
  11. Button Problem

    Thank you that worked.
  12. Tutorial for Adium on Miranda

    I have been searching everywhere on instructions on how to install the Adium Hud skin for Miranda. But I can't find anything that really helps, I get like a few tips here and there (most of which don't work). Does anyone know if there are instructions or a tutorial available? I'm a bit of a noob at Miranda so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Button Problem

    Doesn't help at all.
  14. Button Problem

    I installed Windowblinds and Leopard Glass and firefox with Leofox installed. I have uploaded a screenshot of what the problem is: How can I get rid off the black ugly edges around the buttons? Thanks
  15. Leopard shell32

    Screenshot would be much appreciated.