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  1. French translation - Traduction française

    Update for build 282 - Mise à jour pour 282
  2. Yahoo Widgets 4 Release

    Go in Yahoo! widget engine preferences, then go in the Dock panel and select 'Auto hide'.
  3. Changing Konspose Background

    Hello, I succeeded to make this modification on Yahoo! widget engine v3.1.4 (build 104). And I give you a small tutorial in images (see attach images). I hope that it will help you.
  4. French translation - Traduction française

    Update for build 275 - Mise à jour pour 275
  5. Dashboard WidgetDock

    Go in the Windows registry, exactly in [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareYahooWidgetEngineWidgetsWidgetDock2.9b], and change the value of "crossOpacity" (0 -> 255).
  6. For you, Monday or Sunday?

    Hello and first of all thank you all for yours helps. I put a hotkey to change instantaneously this. But since the version 3.1 (at the same time I had make a small equivalent function before), we can manage the language (widget.locale). Currently, I have build in eight languages. My object was to a widget "plug-and-play". And I make the Dashboard Calendar 2006. And thank you again. -------------- Posts merged. Please do not double post - Pe8er
  7. French translation - Traduction française

    Update - Mise à jour
  8. What is 'Set icons'?

    Ok. After several test, nothing changed. Now, I understands. Thank you.
  9. What is 'Set icons'?

    I just want to know this, thank you?
  10. For you, Monday or Sunday?

    Thank you Jack, it's cool. But I want to know for the other countries. Oh yes Shmengie, the week never ends.
  11. For you, Monday or Sunday?

    Hello everybody, I make a calendar. But I want to know something: where is the week begin by Monday or Sunday? Answer me with the day and [_] (ex: en, fr, de and etc...). Thank you.
  12. RK Launcher v0.4 - BUG REPORTS

    I've translate all in french but in 'Dock Item Properties', 'Arguments' and 'Work Folder' don't want to change. For change the language, RK Launcher must be reloaded. I want to what is 'Set icons'?
  13. French translation - Traduction française

    Ok so you doesn't need my hellp.
  14. Update for build 282. I have translate RK Launcher into french. And Raduking, just one thing: Thank you. It's good work. ---------------------------------- In french ---------------------------------- Mise à jour pour la build 282. j'ai traduis RK Launcher en français. Et Raduking, juste un mot: Merci. C'est du bon boulot. rkl_french for build
  15. Dashboard WidgetDock

    Hello, I have finished the translation of 'readme.txt' and the new items in 'french.js'. I included them in WidgetDock and WidgetDockMod. I have make a small modification in ' WidgetDock.kon' (I included the icon in the security dialog). WidgetDock v2.9b / WidgetDockMod v2.9b I would like to know if the addition of the french language helped or not. I do not know if there is french community in this forum. Oh yes. I know where the values of the preferences are saved. In the Windows registry, [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareYahooWidgetEngineWidgets].