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  1. Soo.. Is The Win To Mac Mod Scene Dead?

    Hey Duckie!   I'm really glad that Timan pays to keep the lights on over here.  This is a slice of history that I hope doesn't disappear anytime soon.  I'll swing by every five or six months.   Another reason that this place is slow might be that forums themselves are a pretty antiquated idea.  People communicate and share stuff in entirely different ways.    My own forum is still kicking, meanwhile.  Do stop by:
  2. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Afraid not.  I visit once every three or four months, though!
  3. All forums dry up and blow away eventually.  This one is almost 13 years old.  So it goes, so it goes. 
  4. Been A While

    Sounds good to me!
  5. Been A While

    This site needs... ah... some fresh content!
  6. Which Is The Most Famous Chat Program Now?

    Bitlbee, of course!
  7. Mini vMac in color

    Another source of classic emulation is an old build of Basilisk II. Here's the last version of Basilisk II for Windows that supports classic emulation:
  8. Mini vMac in color

    I just did some building, testing and reading and have discovered that the Mac II emulation that provides mini vmac with color does NOT support sound. Indeed, trying to play a sound will crash the emulator.
  9. Mini vMac Color

    Annnnd, I meant to post that in the thread about sound. Whoops.
  10. Mini vMac Color

    Sound is a compile-time option... and I didn't bother to check that option when I compiled the build you are using! I'll compile one for you with sound when I have a bit of free time. Meanwhile, you can try yourself if you like. Here's the build instructions: In addition to what you see there, the build option for Macintosh II emulation is '-m II' Also, the desired color depth is chosen with "-depth". "-depth 0" is black and white (the default for now), "-depth 1" is 2 bit color (4 colors), "-depth 2" is 4 bit color (16 colors), "-depth 3" is 8 bit color (256 colors), "-depth 4" is 16 bit color (thousands), and "-depth 5" is 32 bit color (millions).
  11. 3 Variations of Mini vMac

    Hey, for what it's worth, the Mini vMac snapshot released today now emulates a Mac II (with color)! This all works in the Windows port... previously, the color emulation only worked in the OS X port. Here's the executable: It requires a Mac IIx rom file called "MacIIx.ROM" There is possibly some discussion of this release over here:
  12. Have any forum members had experiences building a site using a wiki software... like Media Wiki or whatever? I've spent a few weeks building my site using DokuWiki, and I really dig it, but I'm wondering what everyone else has used. I've found that Wiki's can be shit for navigation and clarity of organization, so I'd love to hear what sort of organizational strategies you guys might be using. DokuWiki:
  13. The Official "back To School" Thread

    Saint Thomas in New Brunswick?
  14. The Official "back To School" Thread

    I'm going back for year number five at the undergraduate level. Yeah, I know, it is supposed to be a four year thing. I'm going to write a thesis!
  15. [link] PearPC - Os X On X86?

    Keith, I'm not sure what you mean in the last part of your post, but the screenshot suggests that you are installing alright. You can just exit the installation after that part, when it asks for the second CD.