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  1. Xwindows Dock 2.0.5.x

      Yup, sub-menus still take too long to show up.
  2. Xwindows Dock 2.0.5.x

      It's in the first post, as always.
  3. Xwindows Dock 2.0.5.x

    Awesome. Can you please put a checkbox to disable it in the not-so-distant future? I'm talking about the "minimize windows to the dock", not the windows animation. I would love to be able to minimize the windows to the dock but sadly, I can't use it the way it's working right now.   Also, are you working on any other projects?
  4. Xwindows Dock 2.0.5.x

    Is there a way to disable the "minimize to the dock" feature? Cause is really laggy and it only works maximized (it doesn't let me restore the window to its original size)
  5. Remove/delete/close/unsubscribe My Aqua-Soft Account.

    Your profile shows neither posts nor topics opened by you ( other than this one) so you're only a username. 
  6. Xwindows Dock 2.0.5.x

      You don't. let's say you need to maximize a VLC window, you just click the VLC icon on the dock, or at least that's how it works in my case...
  7. Xwindows Dock 2.0.3.x

    After version 5.6, BOBAH13 (the original developer) remade the dock from scratch and never got to code the windows minimize (therefore, no genie effect either) nor the dock animation.
  8. Xwindows Dock 2.0.3.x

    Got a minor issue today. it stayed like this until I opened another program (that moved all the icons in the dock and fixed the problem).
  9. Xwindows Dock 2.0.3.x

    Dammit, I had the updates checker unticked. Thanks Filandre1, keep the good work. P.S. You should try to show it off a little more. make a Deviantart account, or if you already have one just show it there. Is good to have some feedback to know someone cares for what you're doing.
  10. Xwindows Dock 2.0.3.x

    thanks. is there anywhere else I can reach you? this forum is about to die and I don't want to miss future updates.
  11. Music App For Windows 7

    Try this one: http://www.reaper.fm/ I didn't try it yet but is supposed to be made by the "Winamp" developer.
  12. Xwdock - Plugins Development

    There is not such thing.
  13. [Search] Music Girl Wallpaper

    all i did was to drag your image to google images search bar ( I did it from chrome, I don't know if you can do the same in other browsers), then I choose large from the bar on the left. www.Tineye.com is a better service sometimes but for this particular case didn't give me good results
  14. [Search] Music Girl Wallpaper

    google images largest result is 2560x1600 />http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sa=X&gbv=2&q=music+girl&tbm=isch&tbs=simg:CAQSWhpYCxCwjKcIGjwKOggBEhTTB9AHxgfHB9oH0QfZB9IH1wfVBxog24Z2iJkWb3bpSY30WmOyyf-SRWiCucqUoV05R6RQyUgMCxCOrv4IGgoKCAgBEgTIlYJMDA,isz:l&biw=1599&bih=795
  15. Xwdock - Help & Support

    JGorgee you're dragging shortcuts to the dock, drag the actual file instead.