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  1. Bee3 port by Pete Ross

    Kickass work! Thanks alot for the time you put into port this one.
  2. [rel] Layered System

    very nice work!
  3. AveDesk 1.3

    excellent work AndreasV!
  4. [Release] Samui Icons

    kickass. and then some.
  5. Milkanodised

    kickass. nuff said.
  6. [rel] Type3 Drives

    simply kickass.
  7. thx for the update! works great now
  8. PurePlastics port for Miranda

    kickass. looks bloody wicked.
  9. iChat bubbles in Miranda!

    kickass work jim_phelps
  10. these are just lovely purdy things. thanks alot for porting!
  11. [release] TimeZoneavedesk

    try this
  12. [release] Pixel Files

    oh how nice with the bright colors! def gonna incorporate some of these beauties!
  13. [release] Equal O2 Drives

    amazing detail! looking forward to using them all
  14. [preview] Stripey Drive

    looks awesome, very "original" idea which you get loads of creds for oh and yeha, an archive filder would be nice