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  1. I dont have a screenshot unfortunately, but it is a all white background with a anime girl with headphones in one corner. Similar to this but with an anime girl and all white background. Thanks. edit: i think the anime girl is lying on her front as well, can't quite remember...
  2. How Active Is This Site?

    Thats exactly what I did... a couple of years ago now! How time flies..
  3. Pattern One Apple Wallpaper

    I updated it with 1920x1200 versions. Its 16:10 ratio , the same as 1650x1050.
  4. Some wallpapers that I made with the Apple logo in a variety of colours/styles. Hope you like it! Download 1440x900 version Here Download 1920x1200 version Here Zaft
  5. FlyakiteOSX v3.5

    Flyakites site has been updated , 30 December 2007, which says he is planning new version with vista support! Read it here
  6. Free app to shut off monitors

    Hi I found a Yahoo widget which can put the monitor into standby. As for turning off the screen, I think an app can be coded to turn it off, but not turn it back on again, as this would only work if it's on standby, if you know what I mean. However I may be wrong tho hehe.. Z
  7. Toolbar icon by Susumu

    Thanks for icons.
  8. Batman & Robin

    Hmm , his website seems to be down...
  9. Macro Runner 5 Beta 2

    Thanks , Ill try this Carlos!
  10. New Style Matrix Screen Saver

    This is quite an awesome little screensaver. Well done!
  11. Psycho Sexy pack vol.1 of 4

    Great walls Psychopulse, thanks! My fave is the Elisha cuthbert one, starry...
  12. Aire Drives

    Wow, rly like these, thanks! Did u make them in Illustrator?
  13. mouse gestures for explorer

    Try Stroke It I use it for my explorer mouse gestures.
  14. I've also been taking a closer look at Blender which is also free and open source Anyway I have been learning 3D studio Max for the moment because I can import my Sketchup models into it to render