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  1. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Mister Hallf ! Thank you very much for help! Avescripter v1.0.1.14 + D-Weather working is GOOD !!! My very best wishies to you and your family! Best regards,Oleg.
  2. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Dear Mister Hallf! If probably send me on e-mail: muhnet@users.mns.ru, this version Avescripter (latest beta, to you I shall be very grateful. Thanks. Best regards from Russia, Oleg.
  3. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hello Mister Hallf ! I using desklet Weather from Avescripter v1.0 Phil Caetano version 100. Best regards,Oleg.
  4. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hello friends! How you think, in what there can be a problem not displays City? Thanks. Best regards,Oleg.
  5. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Dear PCM! I use the module for display of weather comrade KoL, Weather desklet that can be used with AveScripter. Artwork done by KoL (Javier Ocasio)!!!
  6. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hello friends! Tell me please, after loading Windows XP,Actual weather should be displayed or it is necessary to press, each time " Update Data "? Best regards, Oleg.
  7. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hello friends! After loading Windows XP in desklet "Weather" It is not displayed City and Weather Focast on 6 days. Somebody collided from you with such problem and how it probably to solve? Best regards, Oleg. P.S. Each time it is necessary to enter a new values City, Country... http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/845/avedeskweather1ip.th.jpg' alt='avedeskweather1ip.th.jpg'>
  8. AveDesk 1.3

    Thanks friends for the help! However the simple and convenient decision has offered Mr.koregraphik.2 steps (download and click on Avedesk v3.1_Setup) and Enjoi!!! All in this World should be easy to understanding... Best regards, Oleg.
  9. AveDesk 1.3

    Dear AndreasV! Please correct me ... So... 1) Download from official site zip AveDesk v1.3. 2)Creat Folder with name AveDesk,sample C:/Programm files/AveDesk. 3)Unzip ALL files to Folder AveDesk. 4)Double click on file = register.bat = 5)Go to folder Data them double click on file =reg_shellext.bat= 6)????? I can't to find any mention of installation AveDesk in redme.txt.... 7)Please ...What next ....? Whether there is somewhere a help material under program AveDesk V1.3 (F1, Tips Of Day and other....) Best regards from Russia,Oleg.
  10. AveDesk 1.3

    Dear friends! Please ask me,how correct install beautiful application AveDesk v1.3,if you possible step by step.Process installation for me very,very difficulty ... Best regards,Oleg Mukhin.