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  1. Google Chrome Web Browser

    its a great program, it does break the ietab extension on firefox though
  2. iPod help

    either the clock or the ipod clock has DST enabled, thats probably whats causing it. Is that a classic, a nano or (i doubt it) a touch?
  3. Google Chrome Web Browser

    my favourite is the about:internets easter egg source
  4. Next Apple Event Confirmed

    meh i'd rather that itunes 8 didn't freeze every time it tried to sync my ipod. Agreed a pentium 4 is an old processor but that shouldn't happen at all.
  5. iTunes Song List

    well no it acts as a fake printer in the list of printers, i have one which shipped with my version of office called 'Microsoft Office Document Image Writer' and 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' You can get what you wish to achieve by saving the playlist as an xml, using a program to change that to m3u (google it), then opening it in a tagging program called mp3tag (google it) and selecting 'export to file', although thats probably too many steps to do for just 1 playlist.
  6. iTunes Song List

    can you be a little more specific on that? I think i know what you want but i'm not sure...
  7. Google Chrome Web Browser

    i really enjoy this browser (chrome) but until there is a tool that is as powerful as adblock plus, i seriously doubt i'll use it on a day-to-day basis, maybe as a backup. Even the garish blue theme doesn't dissuade me from it. The funny thing is, it seems to be firefox with all my tweaks all built in (no statusbar, toolbars minimized, etc etc) The first time i saw 'google incognito' it looked so cool edit: looks like an adblock tool is in development
  8. Complete Utter Randomness Thread

    BUMP BUMP BUMP!! i have more random stuff
  9. Flash for iPhone?

    Flash as a whole kinda sucks anyway, most of it is used for crappy animated adverts (which I don't see [<3 Adblock plus]), crappy online games (with a few exceptions) and crappy animations. Most places with non-user generated content have switched away from the embedded flash player in their sites anyway. Finally, if Flash ever comes on the iPhone, what's to stop Sun from wanting Java on it too, what's to stop Microsoft demanding Silverlight on it?
  10. Next Apple Event Confirmed

    lol i'm leaving for the US next monday, so i'll definitely be getting a new touch if it comes out as 64GB Phantom_Lord: i heard somewhere that the 80 and 160GB classics were the last of the hard drive ipods...
  11. Flash for iPhone?

    for flash based sites: its not possible for video cause its too slow the site says why? it could be political or technical
  12. idk phantom_lord, i found it through stumbleupon, but i'll take a guess at an apple or photoshop class
  13. no difference on my 7300GT
  14. Remove Search Provider Icon in FF3

    manneman: did you try removing a few lines? i said i didn't know which one of those actually removed the search icon pedromonge: its usually C:Documents and SettingsApplication Data (usually set to hidden, so type it into the address bar whole and hit enter)MozillaFirefoxProfilesUnique Code (its different for each installation)chromeuserchrome.css
  15. Remove Search Provider Icon in FF3

    %appdata%MozillaFirefoxProfilesunique codechromeuserchrome.css the file might not exist if you haven't used it before, make it in notepad and save it with that exact extension or just edit the userchrome-example.css and rename it to that file (userchrome.css)