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  1. Toggle desktop icons

    Well... Now that you put it like that... I really didn't think of that! I guess I wass to blinded by the app itself. Though, it still would be nice to hide/show them by clicking on a desklet. But what you said pretty much solves it. I'll stick with it for now, but the question's still on the run... is it possible, the AveDesk way? BTW, Thanks, Turkey for opening my mind! hehe
  2. Toggle desktop icons

    Thanks, but it's just the same module I've been usig. Is there a way to toggle it? [[update]] No guesses?
  3. Toggle desktop icons

    Hi! I've been looking for a way to hide/unhide all of the desktop icons by clicking o a desklet. 'Til now, I only have found the "Hide Desktop Icons" module, but it ain't toggleable. Hope you could help me! Thanks!
  4. About the DropTargetController Class...

    Ok. Now I declare myself lost. I just don't know how to integrate both the VBS script and SysStats API. Should I call the App from the Script, or should it call an ShortcutController Class? Which are the variables I have to grab and set to get it all working? Sorry, but I just don't know very much of programming... just a little VB. When should I use a ScriptController, and when a ScriptMeter?
  5. I'm preparing a new SysStats config... But I don't know how to: 1. get the DropTarget Class to trigger an event (I've tried to set an Shortcut Class's trigger to Drop File) 2. Store the dropped file's Adress Anyone can help? ------ I've got the point 2. already covered, but now need some extra help: Is it possible to set a Shortcut Class's Argument to a variable? It seems like it can't be done. ------- Ok... What I want to do is the following: On file dropping, open the file with an specific app. I could grab the file's path, but that's just it. Can't set the DropTargetController to trigger the Shortcut Class, and can't launch the app with a variable in the "arguments" field (required, since SysStats doesn't support arguments on the "Application" field). Any help would be preciated. (Judge? Are you here?! Please?!?)
  6. Virtual Console v0.1 alpha

    Just wanna say three words: a - we - some
  7. [request] Camera Mount For Avedesk

    I could get my camera pinned to the desktop using PidlShortcut. The camera is a PowerShot, so it doesn't mount as a Drive, but as a Camera. The only issue to me, is that the mounted linked desklet stays alwas at the desk, wheter the camera is plugged or not. Even when the system dismounts the camera (It goes away from "My Computer"), the desklet shows it still. I hope this is of use to Pixarman (tough this topic is rather old lol) And I'd like to add a new question. Is there a way to do the mounted desklet to pop in-out of the desk, when the camera mounts in-out? I mean, just as Pidl does it with Pendrives, for example.
  8. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: Systats-based Weather desklets lose components Items involved: Judge's AeroWeather; location CIXX0020 Windows Version: WinXP Pro SP2 spanish DirectX version: 9.0c System specs: Athlon XP 2500+; 512 RAM Graphics card & drivers version: nVidia GForce 4 MX440, ForceWare 81.85 Desklets running: PIDL Shortcut, Aero Weather on SysStats 2.5.8 Steps to reproduce: 1. Install AeroWeather 2. Set any location (CIXX0020 in my case) 3. When shutting down the system, let Windows force AveDesk to shut down (I've got a dialog telling me to force the shut down of an aplication called "A desklet") Special notes: It causes the desklet to lose some of its visible components. Here, it has lost the bottom bar:
  9. Well this ocurrs with every weather widget I've ever used. After some time of using (days) the SysStats' config file starts to delete some entries, which causes the widget to lose some of its elements. For example, this Aero Weater widget has already lost its bottom frame (the one with the expander button). Does this happen to anyone else but me? I'm guessing it happens when Windows forces AveDesk to shut down at System's Poweroff. Any hits? Thanks!