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  1. Avedesk 1.1 Tutorial

    hey guys. ive done all i can trying to get avedesk going the way i want but i just want someone to confirm the steps to installing a new docklet/desklet and adding it so it can be seen and used. heres the deal- i download a new docklet. the instruction says just unzip it to the docklet folder in avedesk. then add it... i unzip it in the folder like they say. i go to avedesk to add it but it doesnt show up for me to add it. i try another method, i manually copy and paste each file, (such as config file to config folder, script file to script folder...) and then when i go add it, it shows up in the list and i click add and it works.. i dont think i should have to do this every time with new docklets...since the instructions says to just unzip it into docklet folder, it should just work. right? someone please confirm the proper way for me...i getting dizzy looking around for instructions again and again.