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  1. Hey all, Looking for comments on this little web-based wdiget I made for blogs / myspace / websites. I have it up at I was wondering if anyone would like to comment on the aesthetics or functionality of it. You can post it easily to your own blog by going to - and then clicking on advanced placement. Any comments would be appreciated:D Thx
  2. Novice question

    Thanks - I got most of it down - But for some reason the Mouse Hover trigger doesn't seem to work quite right - unless I'm not understanding exactly what it does. Also - MouseMove works on ObjectDock Systats but now with Avedesk is this normal?
  3. Novice question

    Sorry must have worded this wrong. I'm making a widget for systats - and I'm not sure how to read/get the value that the mouse hovering over the overlay corresponds to. SO i have my overlay made with an alpha channel - as the mouse moves over this over I'd like to be able to know where on the overlay the mouse is located. OR Id like to know how to read the alpha channel value that corresponds to the mouse position. Can anyone help?
  4. Novice question

    Ok - basic question - pls dont laugh(too hard) at its simplicity. I need someway to detect mouse coordinates on an imageoverlay. edit --- I'd like to know the following - How through vbscript can I access a mappedcontroller's Lparam value?
  5. [release] Internet

    I'm still new to this board - but I must comment on how amazing I think this icon is! I definitely am going to use it. Thanks
  6. best way to detect mouseover?

    Hey, Once again a **** question - I've played with using the Message_handler thing - but i cant really get it to properly detect my mouseover. Am I doind this right? Could anyone help me out a little with how I should go about detecting the mouse hover over an overlay ? Thanks alot (I guess I'm not supposed to metion that I'm new - see asterisks above)
  7. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    Hey again Clicks, What I've done is added star-ratings to the docklet, and fixed it so the first image now loads up. I also have created an overlay. Before I post another version though, I'm wondering if you could let me know if you have a windows popup come up when you shut down MM that says "there are still open COM objects etc..." Thanks for your help btw
  8. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    Ok clicks - just saw this - working on a next version for the plugin - i tried setting the vbscript to resize the image to 128x128 and had no problems. Can u tell me anything more about why you think it might not have workse for you? Thanks
  9. IE or FF?

    Hey all, I would recommend trying opera for like 10 minutes and see if it doesn't win you over. It's highly highly customizeable and has some great features. I still think Firefox just copied Opera's best and most easily implementable features. Its Opera light:P
  10. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    Hey clicks, the get album art method is apparently only a new feature in the beta releases of MediaMonkey. So the next official release will use this function properly. Until then, you can download the MediaMonkey latest beta release from their forum section and this docklet should work fine. Let me know if you do do that - right now I'm trying to add in support to rate the current playing track as well.
  11. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    attached file at the top of the screen - but, i suggest its best to use this with the latest version of MM. I'm gonna go back to the drawing board after I write some essays for school this week. So hopefully I'll post a better version this weekend. BUT! for now the script requires MM 2.5 alpha3 or greater, so unless you have that, the album art method probably wouldn't work.
  12. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    I'm pretty sure the image is in the zip, even if you don't extract it with the correct file structure the script should grab the art from MediaMonkey and create the image file for you. Could you possibly try again - because I'm pretty sure they're all zipped in there?
  13. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    I'm going to assume it doesnt work with Foobar, b/c it actually accesses MediaMonkey objects.Although I think I found my first bug in it - not being able to close MediaMonkey once it has started unless you close down the SysStat. So ya, if you want to try finding bugs for me, or suggesting things to add that'd be awesome. Thanks Anyhow here is the screenshot so far - with AlbumArt and Sans AlbumArt. (theres not much design to it)
  14. MediaMonkey Extreme Beta Docklet

    doesnt anyone want to try my docklet ? - i mean it has been 6 whole hours since i posted it:P
  15. I've got a rough MediaMonkey systat sketched up in the SysTats forum.