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  1. '08 Desktops

  2. 6th Generation iPod Release

    Bought the 32GB iPod touch, love it.
  3. Name your favorite TV show

    Well my top is probably Lost, but I do love CSI/NY, Smallville and Prison Break.
  4. 6th Generation iPod Release

    Already have a 5th gen 30gig and an old usb stick stylé shuffle
  5. Miranda-IM docklet

    Do you mean similar to the adium status dock icons? Would love for one of these myself but I don't think it's possible with the variety of docks.
  6. 6th Generation iPod Release

    Tempted to go and get a 16gb iPod touch to replace my 32gb 5th gen. Half the size is quite a leap but my theory is, how long do you have to be away from your computer to want to have anything over 20gb? If you are away for a long time that's where a laptop comes in handy. Anyway, my question is this. Is there rumours of a 7gen soon? Don't want to spend £269 to find there is a new one in a months time. My 5th gen can make it a few more months.
  7. May '08 Desktops

    Thanks so much dude. Looks forward to some more of your awesome releases.
  8. May '08 Desktops

    Great shot as always Psychopulse, mind sharing me the chat icon [the one without the camera] if it is possible? Thanks.
  9. May '08 Desktops

    It is rk launcher and it is a dock made by Gracias_2008 and can be found here: http://www.galaxygui.com/docks-f7/dockblac...uncher-t769.htm. The icons have been reflected in photoshop.
  10. May '08 Desktops

    Big shout to the guys at galaxygui.com. Just found a nice CD art that goes with iTunes for vista: Any questions, just ask
  11. DJ mix

    I recognize it too, almost positive I have or have had the tune in the past, will have a flick through my library later.
  12. DJ mix

    Who is the mix by and year etc?
  13. Sites blocked on campus

    http://facebookoxy.com/ Not tested it myself though.
  14. Miranda-IM

    http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...00&pagenumber=1 See if that helps you for now.
  15. Someone have these icons?

    The paint icon.