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  1. MacMini Rip-off

    that doesn't even look like mac mini, find a better rip
  2. Your fav. Trillian Skins

    my favorite is ichat av 3.0 looks exactly like iChat on Apple minus the cool mesage windows miranda sucks. looks good but no functionality
  3. I found someones iPod

    hope the owner gets it back
  4. Why are our screenshot getting removed?

    i agree with bz
  5. Why are our screenshot getting removed?

    NC for mod of the year
  6. Why are our screenshot getting removed?

    me neither. must NOT be illegal to install win xp on mac's?
  7. vista release date contest

    2046 lol
  8. Beach Icons

    nice icons
  9. where did u get mac version?
  10. Lie 1.1

    thx, i really like this theme
  11. Connecting to Internet on startup

    usb only? no ethernet port?
  12. Britney Wallpaper

    nice photo but the pattern gives me a headache
  13. Eternal theme for Trillian/Opera

    i'd like to see Eternal skin for Trillian also. the one base on iChat by dominator (sorry i forget)
  14. March '06 Desktops