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  1. 2011 Desktops

    Still using Ubuntu 10.10
  2. Stack

    No reason why it shouldn't work. Can you install any other docklets? I can't test this out as I'm no longer running XP, but as of about 6 months ago it was working fine
  3. Rklauncher.exe Running But Dock Doesn't Show?

    Don't think it can be repaired unless you backed up the .conf file. You might have to start again, been there done that.
  4. Stack

    What version of Windows are you using? The stacks plug in was developed with XP in mind, and I believe never been tested in Vista or 7
  5. Komalo's Border Skin V0.2.3 Released

    Quick search on deviantArt revealed this. komalo has whole bunch of skins if youtake a look around.
  6. 2011 Desktops

    About a year now. Finally got bored modding XP, and didn't upgrade to 7. You should try Ubuntu 10.10, best build so far, and very easy to customize.
  7. 2011 Desktops

    @Church_punk, loving the set-up ubuntu 10.10 Not much changed with the layout. Finally got Conky to work, after a little bit of a learning curve Dirty Clean
  8. 2011 Desktops

    Pretty much given up on Windows, now running Ubuntu 10.10 Theme - Orta Icons - Faenza Wallpaper - White Robot Dock - AWN Lucido Ambiance Dirty Clean
  9. Rk Laucher Won't Install

    Ok, can you check the .conf files, which are created when the application is loaded, just wanted to make sure it's being updated. Next have you check around the edge of the screen, in xase it's gone into auto-hide. Do you have more than one monitor? Another thing to try, if you have another PC, move the RLK folder to a USB drive, run the application from there. RKL is a portable app so it will run without installing anything.
  10. Rk Laucher Won't Install

    What OS are you using? Have you ensured that all the contents of the zip file are in the same folder. Also can you see if RKL is running in the system processes?
  11. 2011 Desktops

    Same old rules, guys ... Desktop Guidelines: Do NOT post multiple desktops in a single post. You are allowed to have discussion in this thread but keep it on topic: requests and questions are fine, but nothing else. Posts will be deleted at moderators discretion. Keep this thread clean! No nudity in any image posted here, keep all thumbnails PG rated. If the fullsized image of your desktop contains nudity, warn the user that it is not safe to click. Failing to comply with this rule will result in a one day suspension. Ripping and releasing themes is not allowed. Posting screenshots of themes that are not yet released is allowed, so long as it's okay with the author(s). One week-ban if this is infringed once, with increasing penalties for more infractions. Authors should contact Timan, nightcrawler1089, or mps69 with complaints. They will be promptly addressed--first and foremost, we'll always support authors and developers. Make sure you don't hotlink DevArt images--upload your thumbnails to another site. To link a preview to a larger image, use the following code: [url=http://path_to_full_image] [img=http://_path_to_thumbnail] [/url] If you are going to quote a post remove the image from within the quote, otherwise you will be suspended for a day. Please note, all forum rules apply in this thread. Any rules broken will result in a warning or ban at moderator's discretion. Most importantly, report rules violations. Members found to be moderating will be suspended.
  12. Xwdock - Help & Support

    There is normally a good reason why the system administrators lock PC's and networks down, and we're sure as heck not going to help you break those rules.
  13. How To Recover Data After A Virus?

    Give this a try Recuva
  14. Mac Os Finder For Windows?

    Nothing comes to mind at the moment, however the best you'll get is findexer which compliments Explorer. This is still under development, very slowly but is getting worked on.
  15. What Is Your Favorite Movie?

    Thanks to all the spammers out there this thread is now closed - mps69