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  1. AveDesk 1.3

    looks good does it support other types of widgets like .wdgt or .widget ?
  2. Help with multiplugin 2.1 and iTunes 5.1

    can i read? im glad this forum is so welcoming
  3. Your Top Favorite Windows Apps

    From what i have in my dock: ~Mozilla Firefox - Web Browser - Tabbed webrowsing and extensions made easy, also skinnable and self updating, chosen over Opera and Netscape because of light wieght and extension possibilities ~Apple iTunes - Audio Media Player - At first i used to gripe about being bound to the software with my ipod but i have grown the love the external scripting interface and stylish interface, chosen over Winamp because i have an ipod and becuase if its popularity to projects like Konfabulator and AveDesk ~VLC - Video Media Player - I fairly recent addition to my favorite app collection, i have been using it on macs for about 3 years, oblivious to its existance on Windows, until yesterday when i finished downloading Ghost in the Shell only to find out it had a russian codec stuck to it, but never fear, VLC to the rescue, plays every type of movie file i've encountered for 3 years, chosen over WMP (Windows Media Player), Winamp and iTunes 5 for its file support and its well programmed..ness ~Trillian 3 - Multi-Protocol IM Client - I used trillian for a long time also, its the closest thing i could find to the phantasmal Adium for OSX, allows me to connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and IRC all at the same time, although i would gripe that the free version doesn't support Google's Talk Protocol (actually a version of Jabber), chosen over Miranda and Gaim for configurability and themeability, i found it to be alot more stable than Miranda also ~Azureus - BitTorrent Peer to Peer Client - Self updating, cross platform, java based application offering very unique tabbed interface i have fallen in love with, it also sports a handy feature called the "Download Bar" wich will display a torrent's progress in a little bar that stays on the desktop even while the main Azureus window is minimized, quite stable wich mean its great for leaving on over night, chosen over... haven't ever used anything else for bittorrent ~Continuum - Free Massive Multi-Player Online Game - Remember the good old days? this is nice little game with a great community element to it, huge international audience and customizable, player-side graphics, chosen for acceptance of dialup speed connection (xD) and price From what is running in my tray: ~Konfabulator - Desktop Widget Runtime Enviroment - Im always happy to support a cross-platform effort and its drop in price ($30 to free) and popularity to widget developers ( make it a worthwhile applictaion for both Windows and OSX, chosen over AveDesk, Rainlender, Rainmeter and Samurize for price, variety in widget tasks and easy to browse widget gallery ~WindowBlinds 4.5 - Visual Theme/Style Application - If Styler is the best of the simpler visual style application programs than WindowBlinds is the best of the complicated ones, i find its theme format to be more comprehensive and more thought dependable than .MSStyles, it offeres easy installation of new themes and neat management of theme files (i hated the knitty gritty of having to do that myself with .MSStyles, although it is a sacrifice of system resources to have it in the tray all the time, it still does the job well, chosen over StyleXP and Styler for management of files and ease of theme changing ~Spybot S&D - Anti-SpyWare and Registry Protection - Ever have those applications that NEED to have a registry item instlled? you find out later that you actually don't need that registry item and its slowing down your startup? fix that problem before it starts, when your instlling the program with Spybot, it will stop and ask you for any and all registry changes which prooves to be very handy in maintaining a healthy registry, my only complaint is that its not self updating, chosen over Ad-Aware and Microsoft Antispyware for its very handy registry protection **not proof read or spellchecked**
  4. i installed itunes 5.1 and multiplugin 2.1 but have run into a problem on my first run of itunes with multiplugin i disabled the menubar and the "menu" button and now have no way to access the prefrences of itunes... ideas? screencap: