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  1. your best bet would be to go to macthemes and sign up, then pm a user named DrTaru (me) i'll be glad to help over there.
  2. August '07 Desktops

    Still in love with Litestep and elfin. Wall by me. Ask if you want it.
  3. iReflector

    I dont have a imagemagick.dll file or a register.vbs file or a register menu in the right click menu? HELP! i downloaded from DA like 10 mins ago.
  4. August '07 Desktops

    Still Litestep. Still Elfin. Still Manicho New Image.
  5. August '07 Desktops

    Second for august.
  6. August '07 Desktops

    My desktop. <3 Litestep. <3 Elfin.
  7. July '07 Desktops

  8. July '07 Desktops

    @Quillz: Where can I get that WP?
  9. PHP + Images question

    Another way to do it would be to not even specify a height / width, not valid but it still works. Change this: <img src="<?= $row[0]?>" width="1024" height="768"/> Into this: <img src="<?= $row[0]?>"/>
  10. "Bad" HardDrive

    What i would do is run the files and settings transfer wizard, just in case. and do the "old PC" option. save it to a folder on your media drive. then try the repair. you could also try booting into a DOS floppy and running chkdsk
  11. June '07 Desktops

    How do you have styler 2?
  12. The Break Up

    is it possible for a version without text?
  13. June '07 Desktops

  14. WP redirect error

    ok i have your fix, if you still need it give me a holler on MSN
  15. gone hd: part deux

    shmengie i like your "you get yummy drm" comment and your sig together lol.