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  1. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: Desktop Icons Items involved: HideDesktopIcons Windows Version: XP SP2 DirectX version: I believe 9.0 System specs: Graphics card & drivers version: Desklets running: AveTunes, Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Translation, Search Bar,Icon Drop Steps to reproduce: Opened the desklets, and then closed AveTunes Special notes: N/A
  2. The moment you all have been waiting for...

    I know.... :sigh:
  3. The moment you all have been waiting for...

    Already got Uber Icon, has no functionality for close and minimize, only open... at least for now. It's still a new product, so I'm waiting for people to send in some home-made plugins.... But I'd like to see it in RK Launcher
  4. The moment you all have been waiting for...

    Can I make a request since you guys are incorporating Alladin into the dock? Do you thing you could make a little ripple effect like when you close a widget in dashboard for when you close a window?
  5. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta

    I have a quick question.... You know how when you install mplug, it says there's a longhorn alternative skin? I don't have that. I just have Mac OSX and " " with Border. Is it an extra thing or am I doing something wrong? BTW, i am a **** to mplug... Good job local host