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  1. Mailplane

    Ok, has anyone noticed that the second one, the plane, is now the default icon?
  2. Could someone make an icon of a closed Gameboy Advance SP - NES Edition? Picture:
  3. GTD Icon

    Does anyone know of a generic GTD icon? I'd like a nice "@" symbol one.
  4. iTunes Library...

    55 items, 4.1 hours, 460.7 MB I know, it's not a lot at all. I have very ecletic musical tastes and I go on "Genre Kicks". I'm on a Christian Rock one right now.
  5. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    . . . no . . . Can you get one at 14?
  6. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    I don't have a bank account either >>
  7. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    Wel, the main reason I don't want to deal in person is because I'm 14. I could handle myself, but I can imagine the conversation: Me: Dad, Can we go to the mall? Dad: Why? Me: So I can meet a total stranger to sell my MP3 player . . . Dad: . . . I'm willing to use a Cash on Delivery system. It's where I send the package to a UPS store near the buyer. The buyer then goes to pick up the package at the store and must pay the UPS store before getting the package.
  8. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    Craigslist - Don't want to deal with a person in person Newspaper - Too much for ad space
  9. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    Meh, all of them are broke and/or own cheap $12 MP3 players
  10. Your top 5 favorite operating systems

    1. Mac OS X Tiger 2. Windows Vista 3. Ubuntu Edgy Eft 4. Windows XP 5. SuSE Linux
  11. Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

    Well, eBay wants a credit card number, and I don't have one so no eBay for me . . . Any suggestions?
  12. OmniFirefox?

    Thank you so much! It's beautiful - tear -
  13. How much should I sell a "Near perfect" condition Toshiba Gigabeat S? I have all the original cables, but not the packaging. I bought it in June of 2006 for $279 USD, and I want to use the money I get to buy an iPod Nano.
  14. OmniFirefox?

    Could someone make a Firefox icon and replace the earth with the earth from the OmniWeb icon? Thanks! Firefox Icon: OmniWeb Icon:
  15. wizard Rates You!

    1. Which incarnation of the iPod do you like the most (product line and generation)? iPod Nano - 1st Generation 2. Which version of iTunes do you like best? iTunes 7 - Because of the nifty Cover Flow 3. Name the celebrity you think is the hottest (do both genders for a chance at extra points!)? Female - Halle Berry Male - George Clooney 4. If you could have a super power, what would it be? Technokinesis - The ability to control technology with the mind (EVIL LAUGH) 5. What is your favorite color/colour? Aqua Blue 6. Do you play World of Warcraft? Quite a bit ^^ 7. Favorite genre of music (Try to keep it as simple as possible. I only know seven.)? JPop - Japanese Pop Music 8. In one word, describe me. Wizardly 9. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! 10. Make up your own question and answer it. If you could kill one person without going to jail, who would it be? HARRY POTTER!