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  1. Wood Collection

    Thanks, Been looking for wood texture walls
  2. Codename: H0rnet

    Very Nice! Haven't been here for a while, but I do remember that you did some quality wallpapers back then.. but these one is way better! Seems like you really have evolved your digital skills Psychopulse. Thanks for the wall! Edit: Even if its based on a stock photo..
  3. iPod 06

    Sweet, some nice icons.. and your first pack? wooot!
  4. Black drives: what set are they from?

    Well if you have the .ico's, I wouldn't mind them. Upload, upload! Depends on if they are individually sized as .ico, if not, then .png would work just as well. Either way, im eagerly awaiting A little detective work got me close, but still no dice, the set is called BlackTastics by Timm vom Endt, as Laertis pointed out, his site is down. Found this preview though:
  5. Black drives: what set are they from?

    Nice icons, looks like a closed black macbook
  6. Looking for some rare icons...thanks

    Ohh second that request on the wallet.. mighty fine pixel/vector work done there
  7. NiCo Folders

    Very nice..
  8. ASHDEVIL77 Mac icon Collection - A-Z

    Very nice ash, thanks a lot. I usually extract icons from dmgs myself.. but it seem that you have done a lot more then I have
  9. Burn icon

    I thought the same thing.. very nice yet simple idea for an icon! Me like as well..
  10. Singlow for Avetunes

    Good looking skin, thanks
  11. Don Vito Corlino

    Haha.. Thanks! The one with the red glasses looks more psychedelic then mafia though
  12. Looking for these icons

    Dont get greedy.. :slant: People in this thread have already helped you alot.. if someone have one of the missing icons, im sure it will be posted..
  13. Optimising your Digital Workspace

    Enjoyed reading it! Thanks for the suggestions, even if most are known to long-time users, its always good with reminders
  14. Looking for these icons

    Its pretty easy to rip though.. for personal use of course
  15. Looking for these icons

    Here is the radar one.. App: Chirp