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  1. Above The Clouds

    its also a song by gangstarr
  2. August '06 Desktops

    speak of the devil, paralex Clean resize't
  3. Something like Voice Candy

  4. dashboard emulation

    hey hey hey now ellada calm down he means one that will push his desktop up, like how the dock is upped and the menu bar goes off screen, which, as of now, does not have a port. wait, ave probably has something up his sleeve
  5. June '06 Desktops

    whoah whoah whoah hibar. watch the half naked women
  6. Wood Wallpaper

    search, i know there was a pack not to long ago with 4 or 5 of the sort
  7. The Suck Effect Is Here!

    sort of uncalled for shmengie what is ****tail? i know that its a censored word, then tail, but what censored word?
  8. Icons in this Dock

    finder is from suma by jonas
  9. Safari FIsh?

    its shiira
  10. PsychoAqua

    WOW oh my dear lord these will remain on my desktop for a while now
  11. The Suck Effect Is Here!

    old news haha oxymoron. you can also use onyx; http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11582 the suck effect is my favorite though
  12. May '06 Desktops

    Clean|Dirty I sure do love aqua extreme by the way, that site is one i made for my friend austen
  13. May '06 Desktops

    house is a goon and that picture scares me dual display? also, weird open/close buttons
  14. Keychain password ?

    i think you could go to /users/YOU/library/preferences and delete com.apple.keychainaccess.plist dont take my word on this though
  15. May '06 Desktops

    very nice borg. link to adium contact list styles?