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  1. Why are Macs so pricey?

    Apple base != Dell base. That is a point. Anyway hardware have good price only within US. I agree that in other country there are better price for "others" hardware. I.e. here, in Russia price for MacBook starts with 1700$ And i can find alot of notebook with good hardware for 1200-1300. But they are... not so polished Yes, i'm Apple fun. And what? I hate Apple because of they don't want to come here. I want iPhone and MacBook for 1099 but i can't. Still i believe that Apple's computers isn't extremely expensive vs other brands. And i don't want to upgrade my MacBook Pro 15" Core2 Duo Its perfect
  2. Why are Macs so pricey?

    OK. There is "100 bucks for laptop" PC around here... They are cheaper than Dell! Guys, be quite. Yes, maybe Apple h/w is pricey but not that great! Take Dell with same hardware that MacBook have and compare price. Yes there are cheap config Dell have. And Apple doesn't do this. They sell you a computer that works fine for a long time. I can buy 600$ Dell say "Yay! Look Ma, its cheap!" And start milky way of upgrades. More RAM... Bigger HDD. New video card (ups, can't change it... damn). Etc etc etc. And about Apple Cinema - they are S-IPS. Best color and bla-bla. And very expensive. And slow. But they have good electronics which make them fast enough to watch action movie. And thats a price. There are alot of 20" TN displays (I have one of them - 260$ for 19"). They are fast in g-to-g speed but so-so in color accuracy. And cheap. So, try to find comparative display "in-techno" and compare prices. And don't do "Hey I find 222" display for 150 bucks! Apple sucks!"
  3. Apple Mail or Thunderbird? Even if you use IMAP - is works fine. BTW there are no (!yes, no!) good IMAP client for MacOS. I try Correo (its yet version 0.2...) - very good. And i hope it reach version 1 I read about Kiwi - few very good&happy articles + IMAP mail framework... Still no alfa/beta/etc version. TBird... lack of AddressBook support, out of maccish look, not blazing fast ( is, believe me - i use it as IMAP client with MS Exchange server and im happy... for 90% ) So my vote for And cross my finger for Leopard version )
  4. anyone got this wallpaper

    @coldwerturkey Thanks! But IMO its similar but not the same... isn't it? PS External peripheral is PowerBook in firewire mode im sure )) edit: You can find those pics here
  5. anyone got this wallpaper

    Please, anybody... I double this request! Hope its big
  6. What OS are you running/emulating?

    MacOS X Tiger emulating iTunes (TenFive theme) Waiting for Leopard to emulate... nothing im sure. BTW I have Parallels to "emulate" Outlook (business needs) using Coherence
  7. Where to start with computer programming?

    My vote for Ruby. Simple. Powerful. Add some JavaScript and viola! You can write Web 2.0 apps And... Python will be good to. Anyway its good to know something to script your computer life (shell scripts, python, apple script etc.) And Java... Not for GUI! Code faceless modules, servlets etc but NOT GUI. Its a nightmare... Didn't see anything good written in Java and with GUI...
  8. So long Vista (story)

    Lucky guy who can watch 16 movies same time But for experiments - yeah, its cool. Try Expose while looking for those movies Its very funny.
  9. McBar contains spyware

    RIMMER is old known good guy who tell us about this "problem" I believe RIMMER. He is "trusted source" for me. If you want - i can setup Boot Camp partition and check it with latest Norton AV Corporate...
  10. a nice image viewer for windows

    My vote for IrfanView. Fast and nice image viewer for Windows. If you need something like this for MacOS - try Xee
  11. So long Vista (story)

    Welcome. And don't take too much about compatibility... It's very few apps you may need something like Parallels or VMWare Fusion to solve a compatibility problem. Me working in 120% Windows network. We use Active Directory + Exchange + some Win32 specific applications - and i'm work on my MacBook Pro (and PowerBook befor) for 2 years =) Yes, I have Parallels... And i start it... 1-2 time in 2-4 months. Its a good deal IMO. Good luck!
  12. site design question

    Ho ho I can. And I do it better than read english I'm from Russia.
  13. site design question

    Yeah... Spotlight script is awesome )) But sliding sidebar cards is sexy =) BTW if anybody can read in Russian - check this: Or you can simply d/load a sample and make your own spotlight box Its VERY easy and it works with Safari. P.S. I'm not affiliated by DKLab I just like their scripts
  14. June '07 Desktops

    @duyvan82: Yeah... nice. You have to tell us what are you using
  15. June '07 Desktops

    Small preview. All I can do with Picasa Web =) Check my album (preview is a link to it). Icons: Agua by David Lanham + Stiker System (didn't know who did it...) Walls: Pi by (do not remeber) GUIKit: TenFive (from Macthemes 2 forum)