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  1. David (Xpressions Series for sysstats),

    I have absolutely no idea on how to get this working. I have extracted it and added the desklet, but nothing appears on screen. Some explanation on how to get it working would be great!
  2. Nubs

    Please host somewhere other than rapidshare, I can never d/load from there as it gives invalid link every single time.
  3. WinampTunes

    One other thing mate, is it possible to get it to show the media library so i can interact with it?
  4. WinampTunes

    This is great, but there is a slight bug. If the song name is too long it covers the controls. Could you move the controls so this does not happen?
  5. OpusOS 1.5 - GANT Mod

    Ok ican you make a WB version of this, secondly is there an iconpackager file for the icons? Sorry not sure how to install this. thanks
  6. WinAMP Sample

    can this widget be skinned in the same way as avetunes? ( ie cover art etc ? )
  7. Wireless Meter

    Ok cheers mate, at least I know what I was doing wrong. I did look in the xml file but must have missed it.
  8. Any news on this? I think this would be a great desklet to intergrate with the wireless meter.
  9. Wireless Meter

    Awesome thanks mate! What was I doing wrong out of interest? PCM I just noticed a bit of a security issue there. The link you gave me keeps me logged in as your username. Also no I have not registered but I will do as Recall. oh I meant to ask, is there a way to get the script to read the mbps? ( 54, 36 etc ? )
  10. Wireless Meter

    Ok cool, I really wanna get this working. Then I can release with your permission as Mod. Hopefully it will get it some more interest too!
  11. Wireless Meter

    I defo did rename them right, still does not show up. I have made a maks now, maybe you can get it working?
  12. Wireless Meter

    Well i pm'd you with no reply.... Been waiting for an answer on how I can get my png to be recognised. I added them to the folder and named them the same but all I get is a black box in the control panel and nothing on screen. Help is appreciated on how to import my PNG to this desklet.
  13. [REL] Wireless Icon

    Thankyou for your kind words Hopefully there will be some more in the future.
  14. [REL] Wireless Icon

    My first ever release, just using images from the internet.
  15. Wireless Meter

    Hi, I have some new wireless pngs for you to use after gathering images from the net. However I dont know how to add them into the the widget as i could not find an image to use as a mask? Maybe you could figure a way now you have a whole set of images? here is an example of the images included