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  1. Finderbar Add-on For Windows Taskbar

    Tank's Now shown me all Menus, I cant' wait for the next release.
  2. Finderbar Add-on For Windows Taskbar

    First, sorry for my very bad english . . . Second thank's Landvermesser for your great program, i'm in love. And one question I try to translate your app to my language (Spanish, México) an i'ts possible in all things, but i have one problem my Folder naming "Archivo Edición Ver Ir Ventana Ayuda" is not displaying correctly. I think that is a ptoblem whit windows, is not showing all letters in my task bar. I try to do more short, "Archivo Edición Ver Ir Ventana Ayuda", and it's a solution, but don't like, looks uggly, Dont you Think? See an attach image. Anny suggestion . . . ?
  3. AveDesk 1.3