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  1. Weather with moon phases

    Like PCM said the best way to use it is type the city, state or zip code into the box, at this point dont enter it click the button next to the box you now get a dropdown list which you can select from. Say for instance you type in Sydney and click the button next to it You should see a list like this: Sydney, Australia Sydney, Canada Sydney, Florida If you're city , state or zip code that you typed in doesnt work it will just stay the last one selected. If the location you're looking for is supported by you can get it in the desklet. There is a link to the site on the back of the desklet that will take you there.
  2. Weather with moon phases

    In support information on my comp it says MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser and SDK Version: 4.20.9818.0 Heres where to get it:
  3. Weather with moon phases

    Yeah that is strange , you may have to update your xml thats all i can think of , the version im using is MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2, anyway what ill do is take it out thats just there because im useing XMLSpy to edit the file , sorry you had so much trouble.
  4. Weather with moon phases

    Your welcome, I updated my version of the desklet to use you code now rather than my timezone code , it was just a test anyhow that seem to work so i left in there.
  5. Weather with moon phases

    Your way was working correctly but because the desklet backround image changes with time it its only correct if you had one open and the country selected in the desklet is the one selected on you clock, but if you have multiple open set to different countries the background image would be wrong .So it would show the moon but the background image would be the day background for example.
  6. Weather with moon phases

    Thanks drudragon .
  7. Weather with moon phases

    Thanks im glad you like it, yeah the last one was more of a learning experience it still needs a couple of things but im a lot happier with this one.
  8. Weather with moon phases

    New time code using the time zone offset which means you can now have multiple weather desklets and have correct day/night images displayed (if its night in Montreal and day in Sydney for example) New icon code which means its now sycronized from day to night with the background and the large weather icons. You can also select the moon phase southern or nothern hemisphere on the back. New background Images to even closer emulate apples weather widget.
  9. [release]Calculator Desklet

    Because i also have to upload changes from my other desklets as well so this is just until i do that . I also changed the names of the desklets so i want to remove the old ones. I can also beta test them which i should have done first, as i had a few problems with fonts and errors and things i could have avoided if i put it here first for feedback. Im going to leave them here for a day before i upload. Thats it pretty much. BTW The unit converter is very nice, Thats why i decided to do your request.
  10. [release]Calculator Desklet

    This desklet was requested by RIMMER, its a calculator thats made to look like the apple calculator, select different colors on the back.This ones based of Ave's/PCM's Desklet. Thanks have to go to these two guys as im just modifing already made desklets. calculator download. Thanks to anyone who likes the desklet ,and if i dont get back to you straight away im very busy ,so just be patient and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Preview.
  11. [release] Recipes, CalendarII, Weather IV

    Yeah I can do that, thats a good idea next update will have that in.
  12. [release] Recipes, CalendarII, Weather IV

    Glad you like em, thanks for the comments.
  13. **UPDATED** 27/1/2006 calendar II, made to look like apples calendar based of PCMs calendar. - renamed(AH's Calendar) - fixes a javascript error. - alligned the selected date box. - changed font to arial so if you dont have arial narrow you can use it. **UPDATED** 27/1/2006 Weather IV, made to look like apples weather based of PCMs weather desklet. - renamed(AH's Weather) - fixes city not selecting properly. - changed font to Microsoft Sans Serif so if you dont have arial narrow you can use it. Recipes, gets recipes from allrecipes. Thanks go to AndreasV and Pcm for there help,and writing the original desklets that these are based of. You can get the latest versions from here. weather calendar recipes
  14. [request] More clock configs for avescripter

    What do you mean different skins for it or clock images? If you have a particular skin for it i can add it to it ,at the moment im putting the dashboard skin to it,I will be releasing about four desklets in the next few days.So nows the time to ask. So if you have one you made or get permission to use a skin you like i can add it for you very easily. If you get a skin just PM me and i will add it for you.
  15. [rel] D-Weather Widget

    Hey the reason that its getting the N/A symbol is because after 2pm they do not show the HI for the current day anymore ,so maybe some kind of checking for after 2pm and saving the Hi for after 2pm would do the trick. I also live in sydney, regardless of that its the same with the other feeds as well ,i dont know why they do that its kind of stupid if you ask me buts thats the way it is. :slant: So i think the problem with the n/a can be solved.