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  1. I need some CS3 backgrounds for an Adobe leaflets exercise, so I made this, according to the new branding. I know there are many Aqua-like wallpapers, but this took me a while and I thought that it's nice to convert them to wallpapers (1920x1200 each) and share with you. This is the complete pack (sorry for the size of the file). Just enjoy!
  2. Bromia

  3. This one icon

    You're welcome, guys. Recently I discovered that Rimshot made the icon. Enjoy
  4. iCON Set (Apple Icons)

    The shadows are too much strong for my taste, but very nice icons btw
  5. Apple Hardrives

    Thanks, Ronniepedia. These are amazing!
  6. Apple Hardrives

    From where are those, Neska??
  7. iTunes Icon

    It's from Philipp Antoni: http://www.infinisedesign.com/
  8. Looking for some rare icons...thanks

    You're welcome, Laertis. Glad to help you, Mr. Icon I'm very interested in the 2nd and the last one (the money one). Anyone, please?
  9. Looking for some rare icons...thanks

    From an app called Alarm Clock Pro. Full quality:
  10. these icons

    Which app, please? I prefer the full icon instead of png. Thanks. Edit: ZeroC00l, the author of this one is Wolfgang Bartelme, and the icon is pretty new. Edit 2: Nevermid. I found it: http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/17111
  11. Looking for some app icons...

    You're welcome
  12. Looking for some app icons...

    The Disco one:
  13. This one icon

    You're welcome.
  14. This one icon

    It's from Xcast, an RSS app for Mac: